Potty Training Twins: One Mom Shares Her Experience


Today I’m sharing my experience potty training my twins. When my daughters turned 2, I knew the potty training adventure was forthcoming. I was so afraid to even think about doing it because if it’s hard with one toddler, imagine with two, at the same time! Truthfully, I was dreading it. For a while, I had so many people ask me when I was going to start. You know the typical “They’re 2 already, they should be potty trained” or “you shouldn’t wait much longer, now it’s the time!” Like it’s anyone’s business!

To be honest, I was not in a hurry because let’s face it, diapers are so much easier and convenient. Just imagining having to run to public restrooms with my girls, terrified me and gave me more reasons to delay potty training. I started reading and asking advice and recommendations from my fellow mommas for a while before I decided to embark on this adventure. I love hearing what others’ experiences have been so that I can take everything I learn and apply it my own way.

After much thought, and because their third birthday is approaching, I decided it was finally time.

Let me just say that like with everything else, consistency is key. I made the mistake of starting the potty training on the Thursday before Father’s Day. I knew we had plans that weekend, but I got impatient and ahead of myself and decided to train them regardless. Clearly, a big failure. They weren’t ready to be out yet so we put on diapers and that just ruined the progress we had made. We lost the consistency we had at home and we only caused confusion. Needless to say, we had to go back to diapers and start all over again. But at least I learned my lesson, right?

We started again the following week on a Tuesday. Diapers came off and panties came on. I bought the cutest Minnie Mouse undies (their current obsession), so they loved having them on. Highly suggest getting undies with their favorite character or object on them, it makes it fun and exciting.

Potty Training Twins: One Mom Shares Her Experience

I was so afraid of not being able to train both at the same time, but it turned out that having both doing it made it easier!

The thing about twins is they copy each other. The first time one of them peed in the potty and got praised for it, the other one was right behind her wanting to get praised as well. At first, I took them every 15 minutes, jointly so they could watch each other and celebrate together. They loved it and it became a fun game. I slowly decreased the frequency and after a few days I started asking them to tell me when they needed to go instead of me taking them.

The whole week they did amazing! We didn’t have one accident until the weekend came and we decided to go to the beach. They held it in the car for an hour and a half – I was so proud! Afterwards, we went to a restaurant for dinner. Although I kept asking them if they needed to pee, they kept saying no. 5 minutes later one is telling me that she is peeing in her chair and as soon as her sister hears that, she starts peeing in hers too. This is when having them copy each other backfires. But kids will be kids and one accident is not the end of the world.

All in all, my experience potty training my twins has been better than I imagined and I definitely think it is because they had each other. I certainly overthought too much and was afraid for no reason. I also believe that waiting until I felt they were ready, as opposed to making them be ready, helped immensely.

In my opinion, there really is no rush to potty train your kid so early on if you don’t have to. Make sure they are fully ready and take your time and just be patient.

Do you have any tips for adventures in potty training? Share them in the comments!