First Year Must-Haves for Parents Expecting Twins


Are you expecting multiples?! First of all, Congratulations! I can totally relate to the overwhelming emotions you are feeling right now. One of the many things that stressed me out the most was getting that baby registry done. Where does one even begin? As a first time mom, I had no clue what I actually needed. Now I had to figure that out and what I actually needed two of.

But don’t worry Mama, I’m here for you and I come bearing lists just for you.

Twins can share:

  • Clothes and accessories
  • Bottles and pacifiers
  • Toys
  • Nursing Pillow

Twins cannot share:

  • Cribs/Pack-n-Plays
  • Car seats
  • High Chairs

Now that you know that, I have created a list of the must-haves that made my life so much easier the first year with my twinsies. Hope it helps you too!


  • Pack-n-Play. Since I had to get two, I went for the least expensive ones and they worked out perfectly. I also borrowed from friends when we traveled and found a screaming deal for a new one on Facebook marketplace. Score! There are some light travel ones out there ideal for trips abroad but they are pricey.
  • White Noise Machines. You really only need one but we chose to have the girls nap in separate rooms so we had multiple ones.
  • Swaddles. I literally tried all of them on my Houdini babies. There were so many to choose from but we had the best luck with the Anna & Eve ones. I would say all babies are different and you may have to try several out to see which ones your little bundles prefer.
  • Baby Lounger. We were gifted one of the Snuggle Me Organic loungers but these are pricey. We discovered a hack though. You can use your Twin-Z nursing pillow as a double lounger. Remember never to leave it unattended or set it on a high surface.
First Year Must-Haves for Parents Expecting Twins Laura Kennedy Contributor Miami Mom Collective
Snuggle Me lounger

Bath Time

  • PUJ foldable Bath Mat. We didn’t have a round sink in the house but I put it in a big mixing bowl and it worked perfectly. Made bath time so easy and smooth for me and babies.

Getting Out

  • Snap N GO. I had this stroller frame by Baby Trend for the first 5 months and it was fantastic. Super light, inexpensive and it allowed me to leave the house on my own. Win-win!
First Year Must-Haves for Parents Expecting Twins Laura Kennedy Contributor Miami Mom Collective
Snap N Go stroller

Zoe Stroller (5+ months). It’s basically a hybrid between a regular stroller and an umbrella stroller. It’s super lightweight but still has great storage and huge canopies.

Laura Kennedy Contributor Miami Mom Collective
Zoe stroller

Laura Kennedy Contributor Miami Mom Collective

  • Car Seats. I chose these because they are super narrow and I wouldn’t lose the third seat in the back.


  • Table for TwoI only breastfed for 2-3 months, and even then I had to supplement with formula so this allowed me to tandem feed easily. They also sat in it while I did stuff around the house!
First Year Must-Haves for Parents Expecting Twins Laura Kennedy Contributor Miami Mom Collective
Table For Two
  • Twin Z PillowLiterally the best pillow! They used this the longest and it was the hardest thing to let go of because we had so many memories in it.
  • Antilop High Chair from IKEA. Great price, easy to clean, and if you get the support pillow you can use it as early as 4-5 months. And it’s perfect to decorate for the first birthday!
First Year Must-Haves for Parents Expecting Twins Laura Kennedy Contributor Miami Mom Collective
Antilop high chairs


  • Play-mats. I needed ones big enough for two to be able to roll around and later crawl and walk.
  • Baby Gates. Once they got mobile, this was a huge must-have. Keeping them confined gave me peace of mind.
Laura Kennedy Contributor Miami Mom Collective
Extra-large play mat and baby gates
  • Pop-n-playSuper lightweight, and no assembly required. The two fit in there with room to spare. I kept this in the trunk of my car and it came in handy for the park, grandma’s house, and pretty much anywhere that wasn’t baby proof.
  • Skip Hop Explore. Love that it’s not obnoxiously big and it grows with them so you can use it for a long time.

Please drop comments or questions below. I am happy to elaborate further on any of these must-haves for multiples!

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