Maternity Photo Shoots in Miami: Top Spots and Tips


My husband and I have always loved to be outdoors and breathe fresh air, regardless of the season. We did our engagement shoot at a park and got married at a botanical garden. So it was only natural to keep the trend going throughout our maternity shoots. Also, Miami is such a pretty city! I wanted my pictures to tell my soon-to-be-born babies hometown’s story.

Here I want to share some of the prettiest locations in our city for maternity photoshoots. Besides including my two picks, I’ve interviewed some beautiful Miami mamas to get their perspectives. They shared their favorite spots and some valuable tips to stay comfortable during the shoot and enjoy it. While talking to them, I noticed a trend: most of us did our first shoot at the beach. For our second pregnancies, since there were toddlers in the mix, we chose parks. There you have a good first tip!

Check out this list and feel free to add to it in our comments!

Virginia Beach

This place is gorgeous! It’s usually pretty empty, which makes it easier to capture great wide shots. A few tips to keep it cool while shooting at the beach: Mid-afternoon is a good time to get sunlight without feeling suffocated with the heat. Also, drink tons of water and bring a big beach umbrella to remain under the shade while the photographer figures out the best angles.

Top Spots for Maternity Photo Shoots in Miami and Tips to Enjoy Them
Virginia Beach. Photo by Hazel Photographers

Greynolds Park

“I had seen pictures of a park with a lovely wooden bridge on my photographer’s site and had no idea it was in North Miami Beach. Sitting alongside the Oleta River, the park has many natural landscapes to choose from. Our then 3-year-old had a blast at the shoot, from running through the gorgeous trails to going up the rocky fort. It even has a golf course that is also a great spot for pictures. If you want a bit of the rustic, natural feel for your maternity shoot, then this is the place to go!” Julieta Suarez.

Top Spots for Maternity Photo Shoots in Miami and Tips to Enjoy Them
Greynolds Park. Photo by Cary Diaz

“For our second pregnancy, we chose this location because it has a lot of naturally beautiful elements, like a fort and mountains, so it gave us a lot of variety for the photos. We definitely underestimated how much harder it would be to shoot with a toddler! Make sure you bring toys, snacks and water for the kids. And don’t forget a change of clothes for all of you because kids can get messy really fast.” Rosie Castro.

Top Spots for Maternity Photo Shoots in Miami and Tips to Enjoy Them
Greynolds Park. Photo by Cool Creative Inc.

The Barnacle State Park

“I wanted to have our maternity photos taken where we got married. The Barnacle State Park is a hidden gem here in South Florida. There is the pathway to get to the park, which is full of lots of trees and greenery. Then you have rustic benches under trees, an old house with a porch, and a green lawn overlooking the water. Since not that many people know about this park, it is usually empty. To ensure your outdoor shoot goes smoothly bring water for everyone to keep hydrated, as well as some snacks for you and any children. It is also essential to bring bug spray that is safe enough for the entire family to use. Anytime you are outdoors you run the risk of being eaten by mosquitos!” – Heather Rodriguez.

Top Spots for Maternity Photo Shoots in Miami and Tips to Enjoy Them
The Barnacle State Park. Photo by Mallory Aviles

Amelia Earhart Park

When we chose the location for our second maternity shoot, we knew the beach was no longer an option. My then 21-month old toddler would have ran straight into the water before we had a chance to snap the first picture. So we decided to go to Amelia Park as per our photographer’s suggestion. Besides its beautiful lakes and green areas, there is a wood barn that makes a very pretty backdrop for these types of pictures. When you are 32 weeks pregnant you want the shoot to flow as quick as possible, so the location has to provide many different options for wide and close shots. This park is a magical location for this purpose! Valerie.

Top Spots for Maternity Photo Shoots in Miami and Tips to Enjoy Them
Amelia Park. Photo by Hazel Photographers

South Pointe Park

“For our first maternity photo shoot we chose South Pointe Park in Miami Beach. We love the variety of natural backdrops available from a typical beach, rocky pier, colorful lifeguard stations to a beautiful quaint garden. I like to have wardrobe changes because it’s always nice to have many images to choose from, not only different backdrops but also outfits. It does get pretty crowded since it’s a public park and beach, so make sure to get there early and have lots of patience with people moving around, but it’s well worth it!” Julieta.

Top Spots for Maternity Photo Shoots in Miami and Tips to Enjoy Them
South Pointe Park. Photo by Sheri Mazariegos

Golden Beach

“My husband and I met at the beach. So it made sense to capture the two of us there one last time, before becoming a party of three. If you are planning a photoshoot at the beach, make sure you do it early in the morning. Between 6 and 7a.m. you will avoid excessive heat and the crowds. Make sure there’s a bathroom nearby. The last thing you want to do is try to change in the car at 30+ weeks pregnant or worse, not having a place to go pee when you feel like you’re going every five minutes.” Rosie.

Top Spots for Maternity Photo Shoots in Miami and Tips to Enjoy Them
Golden Beach. Photo by Cool Creative Inc.

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