Potty Training – A Right of Passage


Potty Training, it’s a right of passage for both parents and children. It’s certainly one of those milestones that requires dedication, strength, patience and perseverance when at the end you and your child feel like you won the Olympics and deserve that gold medal. Well, you do!

I remember my first time around as a new mom wanting to be that “perfect mom” and do all the “right” things when it came to, well, just about everything with my first born. As a first time parent you read every book, download every app and buy every suggested baby item off someone’s list. As time goes by you find some of it was useful, some of it wasn’t, some things made sense and some things you still don’t get. I had these realizations when trying to breast feed, transitioning to solid foods, weening off the bottle and of course potty training too.

While I enjoyed every step of the way with my first born and loved every single experience, by no means was any part easy. I remember when I started potty training with my first child, downloaded the potty app, bought all these fancy toilets and every type of training pant you can imagine. These were all great motivators and aides, but my son was more interested in playing with the potty than using it, some training pants were messier than others (yuck) and it became such a mission. I lost track of how many times mom and mother-in-law laughed at me.

Get everyone on the Potty Train!

Just as that summer was coming to an end, in order for little man to pass his class, he had to be potty trained. I had less than a month to get this potty training situation on lock. For 4 days straight, it was no diaper or training pants throughout the day except for nap or bed time. We did trips to the potty every 15-20 minutes and I got rid of all the toy potties. He either made it to the toilet or he wet himself. I bought a good bed liner for $10 at Bed Bath & Beyond and cut off liquids at least 1 hour before lights out. Lastly, I got both grandmas on board and the school too. We were all on a mission, and in about 2 weeks it was well worth all the craziness!

Do what works for you!

Remembering all of what I went through with my firstborn, I definitely thought my second time around would be a lot easier than the first time. Having a fair idea of what I know worked was great, but now my schedule isn’t as forgiving with two kids. I’m doing my best to stick to my plan, and thankfully everyone else is on the plan too. We’re going into our second week of potty training with my 2 year old and certainly seeing progress. I believe it’s really all about dedication and sticking to your system. It’s really trial and error but most of all learning what works best for you and your little one.

A few of my favorite things – keep it simple!

The potty is for going potty, nothing fancy! Ikea Lilla Potty $6

Potty Training Miami Moms Blog

I learned real quick that I don’t like washable, reusable training pants, and if there’s not velcro sides then it wasn’t going to work. Velcro makes mommy happy and is easy to dispose. 

Pull Ups Miami Moms blog Potty Training Pull Up s Potty Training Miami Moms Blog

If you have an older child like me, chances are the younger one wants to do everything like the older one. This is so helpful! 

My little one I’m potty training now wanted big boy pants just like his older brother, and I told him I’d get them for him but big boys don’t go potty in big boy pants. The added “big boy status” is a great incentive. I got these cute pieces at Gymboree.

big boy pants potty training miami moms blog

Lastly, it’s all about rewards! Kids love stickers, treats and knowing they did something good. I like to keep a chart and let them move the reward pieces for what they accomplished that day. I got this one on Amazon.

reward chart miami moms blog potty training

Good luck to all the moms, dads, and little ones with your potty training adventures!

Do you have a potty training tip that really helped you or your little one? Share below in the comments!