Toddler Sleep: How I Survived 10 Months to 3+


10-12 Months

Although we had already established a bedtime routine around 5+ months these were the months where it seemed crucial to maintain consistency. And where it really paid off in the toddler sleep stage.

Toddler Sleep: How I Survived 10 Months to 3+ Laura Kennedy Contributor Miami Mom Collective

Our routine went as follows:

Dinner together, bath time (watching them play in the tub is the best!), massage with lavender lotion, PJs on, nighttime bottle, storytime, and then to sleep they went. About 80-90% of the time our routine worked marvelously. The other 10-20% we were flexible and we did the best we could.

One thing I learned was to plan! If there was even a remote possibility that we would not make it home for our bedtime routine, I would pack some PJs and their lavender lotion. I could do massages and put on their PJs where ever we were. Then I would give them their bottles in the car on the way home and that way we could transfer straight to the crib when we got home. This helped a ton and made going out less stressful.

Transferring from the car to the crib worked the majority of the time, and thanks to all the travel and flexible napping practice, they still transfer really easily.


The biggest change here was transitioning from 3 to 2 naps during the day. They were really good about giving me hints they were ready. Like I had mentioned before, I always fed them at the same time and this helped keep their naps regular. Of course, there were days, maybe even weeks, when they were in different stages of the transition and we were all cranky and tired. Every day we would wake up, reset, and try it again. We adjusted feeding times and nap times as needed but our bedtime routine remained the same. That was key.

Toddler Sleep: How I Survived 10 Months to 3+ Laura Kennedy Contributor Miami Mom CollectiveFirst Stomach Flu, Cold, and Fever

They both got the stomach flu back to back before we left for a holiday vacation to Miami and took turns sleeping with us on those nights when they were throwing up non-stop. Then in Miami, they both got colds and 102 fevers back to back and slept with us then too. Sick nights were the worst because I’ve never felt so helpless. But it was a relief to have my hubby and my mom under the same roof.

On those days and nights, I just managed and let them sleep, however and whenever they wanted. Once they recovered and we got back from traveling, we would get back on our schedule. The first few days they would fight going to sleep. But eventually, they would get back on track and it has never been as bad as those first two weeks of sleep training.

After the transition to 2 naps completely happened, this is the schedule we tried to maintain on a regular basis for great toddler sleep:

7-8 AM Wake Up
8 AM 6 oz of formula/milk
9 AM Breakfast
11 AM 8-10 oz of formula/milk
11:30-1 PM Nap #1
1 PM Lunch
3:30 PM 6-8 oz of formula/milk
4-5:30 PM Nap #2
5:30 PM Snack
7 PM Dinner
7-8 PM Bath/Bedtime

Toddler Sleep: How I Survived 10 Months to 3+ Laura Kennedy Contributor Miami Mom Collective

2 Years+ 

Right before they turned 2 they started climbing out their cribs and transitioning to 1 nap a day. I had hoped this wouldn’t happen so soon but they really showed me the truth behind the expression two heads are better than one and ended up transitioning a lot faster.

At this point, we decided to change their cribs to toddler beds and adjust their schedule to accommodate one nap. The toddler beds were great! It was peace of mind for me because they were no longer climbing in and out of cribs in the dark or falling asleep on the floor.

The first nights were a little challenging. Sometimes they didn’t want to sleep and it was a lot easier to come out of the room. Some things that worked were sitting by the floor next to their beds until they fell asleep. And on nights where they were really stubborn, we let them cry it out a little. We explained to them we were just in the other room and they were together. Eventually, they got it. Our bedtime routine never changed and is the same today at 3 and a half.

Last year when we moved to Miami we were living in a small 2-bedroom condo, and I made peace with the fact that scheduled naps were going to be a thing of the past. It was just too stressful to get them used to a new place and then try to schedule everything around that. The silver lining was that our condo was furnished with two twin beds and they quickly learned to sleep in big girl beds without falling out. Huge win in my mama eyes!

By the time they turned 3, they had dropped a scheduled nap completely and were sleeping in big girl beds with no issues.

Our current toddler sleep goal is to get rid of the overnight Pull-Ups for good. They had been doing so well but recently started having accidents again so we’re working on it. They are not thrilled to be back to wearing Pull-Ups so I don’t foresee this being for too long.

Laura Kennedy Contributor Miami Mom Collective

One of the most important things for our family was to teach our girls to self soothe and associate sleep as a positive experience that they are in control of and can do independently. I hope my experiences have helped you. As always please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. Wishing all the mamas and kiddos out there great sleep!