Diana Garcia

Diana Garcia
Diana Llanso Garcia is a Miami native who is currently living down south in Homestead! She’s a stepmommy of a teenager and mom of 2. Did she mention they’re all girls? Her poor husband, even their family dogs are girls. She is currently a full-time claims adjuster for homeowner claims. She went to school abroad for college although she is not currently practicing what she went to school for. She loves spending time with her girls and her husband exploring new things in their city. Starbucks and Target runs are a definition of a good time in this household! One thing for sure is their house runs on faith, love, and coffee! Follow her on Instagram @Diana.Garcia_16
Image: Diana working on her phone

Social Media Boundaries: 5 Tips For Setting Healthy Ones

Social media has changed our lives in more ways than one over the last couple of years. I have found myself mindlessly scrolling through social media on my phone more times than I care to...
A family sitting on the couch, watching a movie together

5 Thanksgiving Movies to Enjoy This Season

Every year it seems, the second Halloween decorations come down, we all fast forward to Christmas! I’m always left saying, “Hold on, wait a minute...” what about Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is one of my favorite...
Image: A little girl playing at Losner Park

Losner Park in Homestead: Come and Visit!

Going to the park is one of my girls’ favorite things to do. So looking for new parks to discover and explore is always on my radar for them. As a matter of fact,...
Image: Dads competing in a local pickleball tournament

Pickleball: A Fun Sport for the Whole Family

Pickleball has been taking the country by storm. Our family recently got into playing the sport and my husband recently played his first tournament hosted by the City of Homestead. But what is pickleball you...
Image: A sliced mango on a wooden cutting board

Mango Season: Fun and Delicious Recipes to Make With Mangos

It’s mango season in South Florida, Mommas! And you know what that means? A ton of yummy recipes for you and your kiddos. As a wise friend once told me, if you have to buy...
Image: Sparkler fireworks with an American flag in the background

Fireworks Shows in Miami: A Guide to Local 4th of July Events

Fireworks, burgers, hotdogs, and lawn chairs! That's right, it's the 4th of July! Everything is red, white & blue and summer is officially in full swing. What can I do with my kiddos this year,...
Image: A family poses for a photo with BB-8

May the 4th be With You: 4 Fun Crafts to Make With Your Kids

When my husband and I started dating, one thing we learned early on was that we were both Star Wars fans. Now as parents, we naturally want our children to share that same love...
Image: Diana and her family enjoying a meal at Portofino Coal Fired Pizza in Homestead

Restaurants in Homestead: My Top 5

Homestead is located south of Miami--just north of the Florida Keys but still very much Miami-Dade County. Although very often overlooked as you’re fighting traffic while heading down to the Keys, it is where...
Image: A simple spread of charcuterie boards

Easy Recipes for Hosting a Small Gathering

My husband loves to host gatherings and get-togethers at our home. Whether it be a game night, connect group, or just to catch a game, he is always ready. The thought of having multiple...
Hands holding up numbers that read 2023

New Year’s Eve: 5 Ways To Celebrate With Kids

5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. ZZZZZZ! This is what New Year's Eve sounds like at my house. As much as the girls try to stay awake until midnight each year, they always end up falling asleep...