Katrina Fraga-Torres

Katrina is a stay-at-home mom/aunt to 4 kids! She likes to dive into odd jobs and projects and is always learning something new. Follow @momof2withoutaclue
Little girl biting a soccer medal and showing her muscles

I Learned to Love ME Because of YOU

My first baby was a boy. I never really had a preference, but I remember going to the ultrasound and hearing "IT'S A BOY!" I was ecstatic. Everyone says boys belong to their mommies...
Grandparents with 3 daughters and 2 granddaughters

Grandparents Day: Celebrating & Learning From Past Generations

A Little Background Grandparents Day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday after Labor Day. This year it lands on September 11, 2022. Although it is not a federal holiday, it is a very...
Mom getting ready to breastfeed for the first time in the hospital

World Breastfeeding Week: Empowering New Moms

**PSA: This blog is in no way written to shame any mother who chose not to or was unable to breastfeed. We are a team and, as mothers, we will lift each other up...
A woman with kids by the pool, embracing her summer beach body

Summer Beach Body How To

Summer has arrived. With record heat and kids home from school, it is time to hit the beach and pool. One thing I am always worried about is, "Is my body bathing suit ready?"...
Two kids enjoying a day at the beach

Summer DIY Fun: Creative Ideas to Keep Your Family Entertained

Summer is right around the corner. The countdown to "What do we do now?" begins. Sure we can plan vacations but I am a frugal mama and I love to do free family activities!...
Katrina, wearing a festive sombrero to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo: Fun Activities for Kids!

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo before and after motherhood can look quite different. While the days of parties and margaritas may be behind you, the fun doesn’t have to be. For the moms that can...
Katrina Fraga-Torres with her children and their dog

Miami Mom Collective Welcomes MIA Mom Katrina Fraga-Torres

Hi, Mommies! My name is Katrina Fraga-Torres, and I am so excited to be able to share and connect with other moms. I never knew how true the saying “it takes a village” was...

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