Krystal Giraldo

Krystal Giraldo is a full time working momma and stepmom. She embraces all parenting a child with special needs, coparenting and life changes with good books and cafecito. Krystal enjoys traveling, attending community events, eating sushi and trying all the red wines. This momma strives to continue strengthening and growing her village through her family and friends, both local and out of state. And cannot wait to connect more with her tribe within the Miami Mom Collective community. Check her out on instagram @theinclusivemama
Image: A Three Kings Christmas tree ornament

Three Kings Day: Family-Friendly Ways to Learn About It

As a little girl, Christmas wasn't the end for me. The Christmas tree stayed put past New Year's Day and there was still reason to celebrate. As a mom now, it is equally important...
Image of a mother hugging her son on a trip

5 Tips for Visiting Family With a Child With Special Needs

It is official! Visiting family and friends is finally back in style! After almost 3 years of quarantining and staying home for the holidays, we opted to travel for Thanksgiving to visit family in...

Stride K12 Digital Academy of Florida

  Is your child's school year off to a bad start? You still have options! It's not too late to evaluate the various schooling options and switch to what is best for your child. With modern...

Off The Wall Kendall

Have you heard of Off the Wall Kendall? If you're a Kendall Girl like me, then you know Dandy Bear. And if you know Dandy Bear, then you love that the beloved childhood amusement...
Image: The Miami-Dade County School Board Administration Building in Miami, FL

Resources: How to Access Them Through MDCPS

Summertime is over and it's that time again! Miami-Dade County Public Schools opens its doors to students this year on Thursday, August 17, 2023. Navigating any school or its resources shouldn't be an added...
Stepmoms Can Be Celebrated on Mother's Day Too! Krystal Giraldo Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Stepmoms Can Be Celebrated on Mother’s Day Too!

THE 'S' WORD It's an interesting title to have. It's a title I had prior to even becoming a mom. A title that most Disney movies and fairytales make out to be a villain and...
Image: Krystal and her stepdaughter at a local ice cream shop

4 Fun Things To Do With Your Teen in Miami

A teen can be so fun! They come with sass and the desire to be independent but still have that child-mind mentality. Even if they don't want to admit it. I came into my...
Image: Graphic for the Ultimate Guide to Easter Egg Hunt and Activities in Miami

Ultimate Guide to Easter Egg Hunts and Activities in Miami

Springtime is amongst us, Mamas! Easter baskets have made their way to Target aisles and back into our homes. Whether you're looking for a more traditional Easter egg hunt or just something "springy" for...
Image: Krystal holding a sign that reads, "I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom."

Work-Life Balance: How to Manage It as a Working Mom

"How do you balance it all?" How do you manage your job, your kid(s), your partner, and your house, and not lose your marbles?" I get these questions from friends, family, co-workers, and most...

Virtual Autism Diagnostic Evaluations

This post is brought to you by our partners As You Are. Do you ever remember things so vividly that you can even picture what you were wearing, what your kid was wearing, the color...