Lynda Lantz is originally from Côte d'Ivoire, where she lived until the age of 7 when her family moved to Northern VA. She graduated with a degree in music from George Mason University and went on to work with Cru at four universities in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida. She was living in PA when she met her husband, Steve, on eHarmony and moved to Miami in 2011 just a few days after their wedding. Shortly before becoming SAHM, she was employed as an adoption caseworker and worked part-time with Cru at UM, and later Johnson & Wales University. Since then, she's been heavily involved in BSF which allows her to build relationships, pursue personal growth and develop leadership skills. She loves working with Miami Mom Collective and introducing people to this city she's come to call home, where she lives with her husband and two children. Connect with Lynda @mybalantzedlife on Instagram.
Miami Mom Collective Guide to Winter Camps & Activities

Guide to Winter Camps & Activities in Miami

This guide is brought to you by Pinecrest Gardens as well as our partners listed below. A Resource of Miami Area Winter Camps & Activities Winter break is something we all look forward to. There are movies to...
Image: A little girl trick-or-treating with her dad

Trick-or-Treating: How It Became an American Tradition | Dr. Bob

Our kids LIVE for Halloween. The costumes, the candy, the parties, the trick-or-treating... when October comes, they are here for it.  As a kid, I loved Halloween too. And truth be told, I still do....
Image: A therapist sitting with a client

Finding the Right Therapist: How to Take the Guesswork Out of It

The pressures of everyday life in today's world can take a toll on mental health. Life experiences of trauma, loss, abuse, layoffs, and relationship difficulties can also contribute to anxiety, stress, overwhelm, PTSD, depression,...

Fall Events & Activities Guide: Things To Do in Miami This Fall

Miami Mom Collective, Miami's Premier Parenting Resource, is thrilled to announce our 2023 Fall Events & Activities Guide! This guide features the best local fall events and activities in Miami and the surrounding areas. Fall...
Image: A little girl shows off her smile

Chewable Vitamins: A Better Choice for Children’s Teeth | Dr. Bob

Vitamins are a must for growing children and adolescents. In addition to a balanced diet, they help fill in some of the nutritional gaps they may not be getting from food. Especially if they're...
Image: A Black mother smiles while her infant plays

Black Breastfeeding Week | What It’s About and Why It’s Important

August is National Breastfeeding Month, a month dedicated to working toward improving the nation's health by protecting, promoting, and supporting breastfeeding. How awesome is that? You probably saw various blog posts and campaigns on...
Image: An infographic for the newly launched Beehive parenting management app

Beehive: A Parenting Management App for the Digital Age

I'm feeling it extra this week. The bittersweet end of summer break, the excitement for the beginning of a new school year, the busy schedule that's starting to ramp up... It's such a mixed...
Image: Love Where You Live: A Miami Neighborhood Guide

Love Where You Live: A Miami Neighborhood Guide

This exclusive Miami neighborhood guide is brought to you by The Edit. Miami Mom Collective, Miami’s premier parenting resource, is thrilled to announce our Love Where You Live Neighborhood Guide. This guide features the best...
Guide to Summer in Miami, presented by Dr. Bob

Summertime in Miami: A Local Mom’s Guide to All Things Summer

This guide is brought to you by Dr. Bob Pediatric Dentist Miami Mom Collective, Miami’s premier parenting resource, is thrilled to announce our 2023 Guide to Summer in Miami. Summer is FLYING by. Many of us...
Image: Two kids enjoying the Dragons & Mythical Creatures exhibit at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Healthy Routines: Maintaining Them All Summer Long | Dr. Bob

Summer is here! And with it, a welcome and needed break from our busy schedules and routines. With 2 kids in school and extracurricular activities, this mom/chauffeur was ready. But if I'm being honest, I...