Lynda Lantz is originally from Côte d'Ivoire, where she lived until the age of 7 when her family moved to Northern VA. She graduated with a degree in music from George Mason University and went on to work with Cru at four universities in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida. She was living in PA when she met her husband, Steve, on eHarmony and moved to Miami in 2011 just a few days after their wedding. Shortly before becoming SAHM, she was employed as an adoption caseworker and worked part-time with Cru at UM, and later Johnson & Wales University. Since then, she's been heavily involved in BSF and MOPS , which allow her to build relationships, pursue personal growth and develop leadership skills. She loves working with Miami Mom Collective and introducing people to this city she's come to call home, where she lives with her husband and two children. Connect with Lynda @mybalantzedlife on Instagram.
Baby Jesus Manger Advent Readings, Jesse Trees & Anticipating the Joy of Christmas Miami Moms Blog

Advent Readings, Jesse Trees & Anticipating the Joy of Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us.  The lights, trees, music, parties, traditions and time with family and friends add a little sparkle to our everyday lives in a way that convinces us that it...
Vote of Confidence: 4 Helpful Resources to Prepare You for Election Day Miami Moms Blog

Vote of Confidence: 4 Helpful Resources to Prepare You for Election Day

I remember how excited I was to vote in the first major election after I turned 18.  I'd gone to the polls countless times with my mom, who faithfully brought my sister and me...
Boy reading board book. Books Are Fun! My Top 10 Books to Share With the Kids in Your Life Miami Moms Blog

Books Are Fun! My Top 10 Books to Share With the Kids in Your...

I've always had a love for children's books.  So opportunities to enjoy stories with my own kids and watching them fall in love with books for themselves is truly a delight. In celebration of National...
Car Seats Are Often Installed Incorrectly: "My Car Seat Install" Can Help You! Miami Moms Blog

Car Seats Are Often Installed Incorrectly: My Car Seat Install Can Help You!

I officially have a new shero.  And her superpower is installing car seats. After my recent post about car seat safety, I had an opportunity to book a service with Dr. Maria Gonzalez, owner of My...
The Perfect Mom Forgetting Her and Embracing Authenticity Miami Moms Blog

The Perfect Mom: Forgetting Her and Embracing Authenticity

The perfect mom.  Her picture's been ingrained in my psyche since my own childhood.  I've imagined her wearing a circa 1950s dress with heels and pearls, her flawless hair and makeup done, as she...
Baby girl safely buckled into an infant car seat.

Car Seat Safety: Learning How to Better Protect Our Child Passengers

I really appreciate how a friend of mine spoke up about how I'd incorrectly buckled my son into his car seat.  He was 6 months old by then, and we had done so much...
A teachers' apple and some school books, stacked on a desk.

Back-To-School Prep: Proactively Supporting Our Children’s Teachers

I had some pretty amazing teachers while I was growing up.  They loved what they did, and sowed their own love of learning in the hearts of their students.  But it was my first...
My 5-year old son riding his scooter during some recent time together at Greyolds Park Miami Moms Blog

Our Favorite Saturday Morning “Special Time” Spots in Miami

Saturday morning "special time" with my 5-year old son is a highlight of my week.  This tradition started several months ago, when we realized he was having a hard time adjusting to life with...
New moms need more than baby shower gifts. Miami Moms Blog

Flourishing In Motherhood: What Moms Need To Mother Well

Moms often have fond memories of their first baby shower.  Mine was sweet.  I'd moved to Miami only two years before and only had a handful of friends; so when some dear women wanted...