Tonya Harbour is a Miami mom to 2 teenage daughters – 16 & 18. She grew up moving around the United States with her dad, mom and 2 younger sisters. Having many adventures along the way with her own mom, from whom she learned a lot! Starting out in Los Angeles, CA and then moving 12 times in 7 different states from West coast to East coast and all over the middle. She went to a Norwegian boarding school in Minnesota, college in New York, a semester abroad at Oxford, and had her 2 daughters in St Louis, Missouri. Traveling the US has given her a unique perspective of children’s opportunities and activities around this great country ...and now Miami!! Currently she LOVES working in PK3 at a preschool. One of Tonya's Top 3 Miami Favs - Playing with the Lemurs at Jungle Island!
Brain Breaks! They're Great for the Whole Family. Give These a Try! Tonya Harbour Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Brain Breaks! They’re Great for the Whole Family. Give These a Try!

Raise your hand if... your child got frustrated with you and whined because they had to finish a task. And then YOU became frustrated as you had to coax, convince, coerce... “just a few...
Easy Crockpot Dinner Autumn Cheesecake Dessert Miami Moms Blog

Easy Crockpot Meal & Autumn Cheesecake for Dessert

Have you ever tried preparing a meal using a crockpot? It's a game changer! Ahhhhh, just imagine with're coming home from a busy day of work, you're exhausted, BUT dinner is almost ready!...
When Life Gives You Lemons, Look for Some SUGAR!

Surviving Struggles: When Life Gives Lemons, Look for the SUGAR!

When you are meant to go through struggles or hard times, God will provide encouragement (SUGAR) in ways you may never expect. Was it not our parents who told us and now WE who...
The Importance of Displaying Your Child's Artwork Miami Moms blog

The Importance of Displaying Your Child’s Artwork

What do you do when your child brings home his colorful artwork or “Letter A” worksheet from school?  When your child puts crayon to paper he is exercising many new skills. He is attempting to...
social skills from preschool miami moms blog manners

Bringing Social Skills and Manners Home from Preschool

If your child is in preschool, whether a new student or a seasoned veteran, they will be learning much more than their ABC’s and 123’s. The preschool setting is different from what they have...
Travel Tip: Setting Your Child Up for Success! Miami Moms Blog

Travel Tip: Setting Your Child Up for Success!

“You have such a well behaved Child!” The words every parent wants to hear.... or “Christopher does so well when we travel in the car!” The words every parent wants to say! Traveling from Point...