Vanessa Molina Santamaria

Vanessa is a passionate storyteller, brand marketing expert and creative business owner. She loves ideation and the process of bringing stories to life with compelling words, photography and design. Throughout her 20-year career in content marketing, custom publishing, design and journalism, she has launched print and digital products for the travel and tourism, health and wellness, and luxury lifestyle industries, among others. A University of Miami graduate, she’s also been a mentor to aspiring creative professionals and has been invited to speak at national media conferences. She loves being a mompreneur, but her most treasured role is being a girl mom to Grace and Gianna. Vanessa loves to travel and go on adventures with her husband and their two little girls. Follow her on Instagram @BitsAndPiecesMedia @BitsAndPiecesMedia
Image: A family poses for a photo in front of a Christmas Tree at Christmas Wonderland

Christmas Light Displays: A List of the Must-See Places in Miami

Anticipation builds each year as the holiday season approaches, bringing with it the cherished opportunity for our family to unite through enchanting traditions that fill our hearts with joy. Some traditions can be rooted in generations of...
A ceramic heart ornament that reads, "I am grateful"

10 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude This Holiday Season

The holidays are a joyous time to gather with loved ones, celebrate over tantalizing table spreads, and create long-lasting memories together. Yet it can also be a stressful season for many of us. Whether you’re...
Image: Vanessa working from home (Support Working Women This National Business Women’s Week Vanessa Santamaria Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Business Women: 6 Ways to Support Them

For close to a century, the third week of October has marked the celebration of National Business Women’s Week. This holiday aims to highlight the accomplishments of working women in business while helping to...
Image: A slice of pumpkin pie on a festive table

7 Things to Add to Your Fall Bucket List This Year

Fall is just around the corner and family gatherings will be in full swing. In Miami, this translates to cooler temps and less humidity (aka less frizziness) and all the seasonal staples you’ll find...
Image: A journal, notebook, and set of pencils

Simplify Your Life: 9 Tips to Help You Get More of Your Time Back

All that stuff around your home that barely gets used and just takes up space, those long to-do lists that you can never seem to fully tackle, and that nagging feeling you have that...
Children pose with The Three Kings in Puerto Rico

Three Kings Day: Traditions From PR & Celebrating With the Kids

Did you know that the 12 days of Christmas don't actually begin until Christmas day? According to Christian tradition, the first day of Christmas is the day Jesus was born, and the twelfth day falls...
Vanessa taking a call while she works from home

10 Healthy Habits for Work From Home Moms

Working from home can be a dream for busy moms who want to spend more time with their families. But if we don’t establish a routine and healthy habits, it can leave us feeling...
Two girls pose for a picture at the Tennessee Aquarium

10 Things to do Around Chattanooga, Tennessee

We recently took a road trip to Tennessee, and we had a fantastic time exploring all the areas around Chattanooga. My girls loved it so much. They can’t wait to return and experience even...
An almost middle school student holding up a new book

Middle School: 10 Tips to Help Your Child Transition

As the saying goes, “The days are long, but the years are short.” There is so much truth to this statement. Just yesterday I became a mom and now I am helping my oldest...
Vanessa and her daughters in front of the Smithsonian Institution (left) and in front of the US Capitol (right)

Washington DC: An Ideal Family-Friendly Road Trip

A few weeks ago, my husband and I packed up the minivan and took our two daughters on a 16-hour road trip from Miami to Washington, DC. Some may think that’s crazy, but we...