Hormonal Breakouts: 5 Proven Hacks to Proactively Treat Them


I understand what a pain point hormonal breakouts can be. Being that my family is in the industry of natural skincare and self-care, over the years I’ve learned some pretty good hacks that have helped me get a handle on my skin. So I’m passing along a few of my hormonal breakout tips and tricks!

First, let me start by saying that it’s crucial to understand that our skin is not porcelain. It wasn’t meant to be. Please take that pressure off of yourself, sister. Your skin is the largest organ of the body, so let’s shift our focus from trying to achieve perfection to achieving healthy skin. Healthy skin = beautiful skin! 

Hormonal Breakouts: 5 Proven Hacks to Proactively Treat Them Janelle Fuente Contributor Miami Moms Blog

1. Track Your Cycle and Hormonal Breakouts

This hack seems to surprise women when I share it. Track your menstrual cycle and hormonal breakouts and you’ll most likely start to notice a pattern.

When I started to track my cycle along with my breakouts, I noticed that I not only break out when I’m menstruating, but I also break out when I’m ovulating. Here’s another thing I picked up on: my hormonal breakouts are different at each point in my cycle!

Once you get to know your breakout patterns, you can start to treat your skin proactively. Prepping your skin before the breakout even starts will show it some love. And I promise that it will show you love right back! 

Hormonal Breakouts: 5 Proven Hacks to Proactively Treat Them Janelle Fuente Contributor Miami Moms Blog

2. Nourish Your Skin with the Best Ingredients 

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, so what we put on it matters. Personally, I’m an advocate for food-grade quality products when it comes to skincare and using premium ingredients– sans the toxic preservatives that oftentimes dilute the quality and effectiveness of the product. Going less toxic and more natural where you can in your everyday skincare and makeup routine is something that can be a game-changer in your battle against hormonal breakouts. Feeding your skin with #skinfood will build the immune system of your skin and will, therefore, help your skin fight off bacteria and everyday pollution. 

3. Proactively Treat Your Skin By Masking Weekly 

Find yourself a few good face masks and start to mask twice a week. Choose masks that help you get closer to your skin goals. For example, I often alternate between masks that hydrate, brighten, detox, and nourish my skin. 

Again, make sure the ingredients are good quality ingredients. The higher the quality of your facial mask, the more effective the masks will be for your skin. If there’s something that I’ve learned over the years it’s that our skin is SO appreciative of what we feed it. You will see the difference when you give it what it needs. 

Hormonal Breakouts: 5 Proven Hacks to Proactively Treat Them Janelle Fuente Contributor Miami Moms Blog

4. Keep These 2 Tools in Your Skincare Arsenal

I’ve come to love a few skincare tools over the years. But the two tools that I always have in my skincare arsenal for hormonal breakouts are a Handheld High-Frequency Wand and a Gua Sha Facial Stone

The High-Frequency Wand cleans out bacteria like no one else’s business by creating pockets of oxygen in your skin. It’s often referred to as the “antibiotic of skincare.” It’s especially handy when you feel those undergrounders coming in (ugh). Before you can even see them, the wand decreases the breakout’s size and inflammation before it even shows its ugly head.

The Gua Sha Stone is a simple and versatile tool that I always carry in my purse. While it serves for many impressive purposes (goodbye shoulder tension and puffy skin), for hormonal breakout specific hacks it’s especially beneficial to drain out toxins that may be sitting underneath your skin which could potentially contribute to breakouts. It’s a savvy and economical tool… and have I mentioned that it feels so therapeutic on the skin? Don’t let this little stone intimidate you. Once you learn how to use it, it will likely become your favorite part of your skincare routine. Think of this one as the swiss army knife of skincare. 

5. Have Grace With Yourself

It’s said that comparison is the thief of all joy, so allow me to encourage you to be gentle with yourself. We’re constantly seeing filtered faces and photoshopped skin (not that I’m not thankful for a good Instagram filter). But just keep that in mind as you scroll past smooth skin squares. When you’re feeling discouraged, remember that your confidence goes a long way and nothing brightens up a room like a smile on your face and the joy radiating from within you–not even “perfect” skin.  ?


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