It’s Time for Date Night! Style Tips from a Miami Mom


Bring on Date Night!

The kids have been home from summer break for what feels like an eternity (actually at the time I am writing this it’s only been two weeks!) You found a babysitter and are definitely ready for a cocktail and a night out on the town! But, it is been a little while since you’ve been out…..most nights consist of you waking up after passing out reading “Good Night Moon” for the seven hundredth time! I totally get it! Getting out of the house past 8pm can be a daunting task, but quality time with our significant other is definitely worth it!

What are the “Cool Miami Mamas” wearing??

First of all, always (always! always ! did I mention always?!)  wear something you feel comfortable in! This is rule number one! When you feel comfortable, you exude confidence which will always make you look like the hot mama you already are!

little black dress date night

From my previous articles, you already know that dresses are my go to for almost every situation. A little black dress with some heels and a red lip are a classic combo that fits in to any night out.

Dress Date Night

Or if you want to be a little more colorful, pair a patterned maxi skirt with a crop top and some classic hoops and you’re instantly channeling your inner JLO! Wait…rewind Suki, you said crop top?? Yes, I did girl! Did you know no matter what size hips and thighs you have, the part of our body below the breastline down about 2 inches, is the smallest and most defined part of your body? You can totally rock it, if you pair with a high waisted skirt or pants!  Again, only do it if you feel comfortable!!

Crop Top Wide Leg Pants


Are Jeans Okay?

To answer that question, YES! From ripped, to wide leg, to skinny you can totally rock jeans on your date night! Pair it with a blousy shirt tucked in only a little in the front, a skinny belt, and some classic stilletos and you can be a fashionista for your night out on the town!

Going some place a little more fancy but still want to wear jeans? No problem, opt for a pair of black jeans with a bright blazer and a lacy cami underneath and you will fit right in with the fancy gals!

Go With the Flow…

Sometimes our date nights are extravagant and sometimes they are a trip to the grocery store without the kids. Whatever your date night situation is, throw on some lipstick and mascara, and roll with it! If you need more outfit ideas, please make sure to visit my Instagram page  @suki_says_style  !   

Happy Date Night Everyone!!