Mom Beauty: How to Pick the Right Type of Hair Color


Mom Beauty: How to Pick the Right Type of Hair Color Katy Taurel Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Most of us color our hair. Some for fun, some when we want to cover some grays and sometimes because everyone does it. I believe that coloring your hair is not something you should DIY. It’s a process that includes chemicals and it changes our hair in ways that we can’t take back easily. On that same note, I believe we should all be informed clients. I created this small guide to explain the main types of hair coloring products you could use, and when it’s good to use them.

Many ask if it’s even safe to use hair color and the answer is, it depends.

As with all beauty products, there are many brands, qualities and ingredients involved. My recommendation is to try to use natural brands that are lower in toxic ingredients and less damaging to your hair. I encourage you to ask your stylist to add a bond builder like Olaplex into the mix to protect the cuticle from being permanently damaged.

If you are pregnant or nursing you should always consult your doctor before doing any chemical treatment to your hair. Remember that your scalp absorbs all the products you use in your hair and some chemicals could be considered harmful. That’s why choosing a stylist that knows safe practices and works with high-quality brands is so important. Hair color is NOT recommended for young kids, not because it is especially toxic, but because it affects the chemical composition of the hair and we don’t know how it affects the chemical composition of the hair in the long run. 

Depending on the effect you want, you can choose from four basic types of hair color: 

  • Temporary works similarly to makeup. It’s a coat of color that does not penetrate the hair cuticle and it fades when you wash your hair. Remember that the time it lasts depends on the porosity of your hair and the pigment of the hair color. Talk to your hairstylist to understand how it would work for you. This type of hair color is great if you want to try something different but don’t want the commitment of changing your hair permanently.
  • Semi-permanent “stains” the hair and could last 4 to 6 weeks depending on your base tone, porosity and how many times you wash your hair. As with the temporary, it does not change the chemical structure of your hair. Be mindful that it washes away when you wet your hair and could stain your clothes and sheets. Most fun colors like pink, blue and purple are different variations of semi-permanent hair color. 

Mom Beauty: How to Pick the Right Type of Hair Color Katy Taurel Contributor Miami Moms Blog

  • Demi-permanent is a deposit only color, meaning that does not lighten the hair. It traditionally has no ammonia but it is mixed with low volume peroxide to help it penetrate the cuticle. Since it is a little sheerer than permanent color it is used for blending and softening the tones in your hair. It’s used a lot to cover grays and for color corrections.
  • Permanent changes the chemical structure of the hair and removes natural pigment from the hair through lightening, while at the same time adding artificial color to the hair. The action of removing and adding color at the same time, blending gray and non-gray hair uniformly, results in a natural-looking color. In some cases, major transformations require bleaching the hair before applying the final color. 

Coloring your hair is a fun way to transform and renew your image. Now that you know your options you can talk to your stylist and get the makeover of your dreams.

Help me in my quest to simplify beauty for you. What else would you like to learn?

Have a Beautiful Day! 
Firma Katy Taurel Contributor Miami Moms Blog