Rachael Russell Saiger & Isabela Grutman :: Working Moms Spotlight


Miami Moms Blog exists to encourage, equip, and empower local Moms with relevant content and a meaningful community. One of the ways we love to do this through our monthly Working Moms Spotlight Series. Each month we shine a spotlight on a local Mom or team of women who are juggling the demands of motherhood and business while also making an impact in the community. 

This month we are excited to share more about Style Saves and the women behind this amazing organization. I recently sat down with Style Saves Founder, Rachael Russell Saiger and Style Saves Vice President, Isabela Grutman, to learn about how they help underserved students in Miami and beyond.

Rachael Russell Saiger & Isabela Grutman :: Working Moms Spotlight

Without further ado, its is our pleasure to spotlight Rachael Russell Saiger and Isabela Grutman.  

How Fashion & Philanthropy Can Shape the Future

Last month Rachael became a mother for the first time to a beautiful baby girl. However, years before her daughter entered the world she was already influencing thousands of children and helping many students prepare for their monumental first day of school.

Rachael’s vision for Style Saves began out of a need she foresaw as a 23 year old when she took a sibling back to school shopping. The joy she witnessed in seeing someone close to her prepare for back to school made her think that it must not be the case for everyone. As a stylist in the fashion industry she saw how expendable inventory seemed to be for major brands. She understood there were children in need and thought there must be a way to bridge the gap. 

Rachael Russell Saiger & Isabela Grutman :: Working Moms Spotlight miami moms blog

In 2011, Style Saves began with the simple idea of uniting fashion and philanthropy. Rachael worked tirelessly without any resources or mentors early on as she learned to navigate the legalities associated with starting her own 501(c)3. Now, 8 years later Style Saves raises funds to support underprivileged students globally through a number of fashion focused fundraisers and giveback events.

Two Women United in Purpose 

The reach and impact of Style Saves is no doubt due to Rachael’s hard work and strategic partnerships with individuals who share her passion to impact others thorough fashion. One such partner is model and Miami mom of 2, Isabela Grutman, who serves as a Board Member for Style Saves. When Isabela moved to Miami she was looking for a charity to support and a mutual friend introduced her to Rachael.

Rachael Russell Saiger & Isabela Grutman :: Working Moms Spotlight miami moms blog

By combining their resources, brand contacts, and expertise in the fashion industry the two became the perfect combo to expand the vision. In the 4 years since they have partnered together Style Saves has quadrupled the number of students who are being impacted. Proof that when passion, purpose, and partnership collide, great things can happen!

When asked what inspired Rachael and Isabela to pioneer this path their responses aligned with how important they feel it is for their kids to see families in need and to help the community.  Rachael added, “There are endless causes that need attention. Everyone needs help. Find the ways you can help and do it.”

Rachael Russell Saiger & Isabela Grutman :: Working Moms Spotlight miami moms blog

Being a Mom in Business

As busy moms we can all understand the challenges of raising children while juggling additional responsibilities outside of the home. When asked about the challenges and rewards of being a working Mom Isabela shared, “The biggest challenge is trying to do everything: managing the house, the kids, charity, the restaurants. Regardless of the challenges, the biggest reward is the love that I receive from my two daughters. I want to be an example to them and I always want to try my best and be professional… To see their Mom as hardworking, independent, and powerful.”

Rachael Russell Saiger & Isabela Grutman :: Working Moms Spotlight miami moms blog

Being a Mom in business presents its own set of unique challenges. Both women believe in the power of doing something you love and it shows. 

How Style Saves is Impacting Miami  

Style Saves hosted their 9th annual “Back to School” at Mana Wynwood Convention Center in August where more than 7,500 students received uniforms, shoes and school supplies. In addition to onsite beauty services, students were able to shop for their supplies and accessories from well known brands including Puma, Skechers, Jordache. The Convention Center was converted to a department store environment enabling students to gain the confidence of shopping their own styles. 

Rachael Russell Saiger & Isabela Grutman :: Working Moms Spotlight miami moms blog

The event also included carnival-themed activities, food and performances courtesy of the Miami Heat, Event Depot, Hypemakerz, Zhantra, Frito Lay, Pizza Bar, Bunnie Cakes, The Diplomat Hotel, Evian, Health-Ade Kombucha, Sweet Leaf Tea, Vicky Bakery and Pepsi. 

Rachael Russell Saiger & Isabela Grutman :: Working Moms Spotlight miami moms blog

Students from over 300 organizations attended the annual event. Various homeless shelters, foster care programs, and migrant camps were represented at the event. Organizations represented included: South Florida Public Schools, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Voices for Children, Lotus House, The Guatemala-Mayan Center.

Rachael Russell Saiger & Isabela Grutman :: Working Moms Spotlight miami moms blog

Style Saves works with a wide range of partners to produce a variety of philanthropic initiatives including: Project Prom, Halloween & Holiday Events, Disaster Relief and International Service Trips. For more information, or to serve at an event, visit the Style Saves website or email info@stylesaves.org. 

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