Step into FALL Ya’ll | 8 Fall Fashion Wardrobe Staples


I don’t know about you but FALL is my absolute favorite. I love the warm clothes, seasons, decor, family, fellowship, leaves…. all that comes with fall including fall fashion! I think with all that we have been through over the past “6” months we all can’t wait for some happiness, joy, & the holiday season right?

Dressing for fall can be so much fun & there are so many great sales out there. If you are on a budget & need to be careful on investing in the right items I am here to help you. I’m going to discuss “8” STAPLES that are never going out of style.

8 Fall Fashion Staples

  1. Trench coats. Having one good classic trench coat in a taupe or black will never go out of style.
  2. Loafer. A good loafer will never go out of style. You can wear them with jeans, pants, or casual dresses.
  3. Blazers are too in. I have an off-white one, black, & navy. You can always interchange the look with jeans, skirt or even jean shorts. Anything menswear-inspired has the ability to make anything more cool….
  4. Animal print everything! You can’t go wrong with blouses, casual dresses, sweaters, shorts, & shoes. GIVE ME ALL THE ANIMAL PRINT!
  5. Midi skirts & dresses will never go out of style.
  6. Chunky knits are so in…. Cream, taupe, copper colored look so nice paired with jeans, jean shorts, or cute khakis.
  7. Tweed anything can dress anything up… from a tweed blazer, pants, or skirt.
  8. Leather jackets will never go out of style. Invest in one good black leather jacket and it goes with anything…. Over a concert tee & jeans…. Over a silk blouse & jeans……over a casual dress.

7 Fall-Inspired Looks

Step into FALL Ya’ll | 8 Fall Fashion Wardrobe Staples

 Step into FALL Ya’ll | 8 Fall Fashion Wardrobe Staples

What are your favorite fall fashion trends? Tell us in the comments!



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