Summer Makeup Trends for Moms: Let it Glow


When I think of “summer” and “makeup,” some of the words that come to mind are: bronze, glowy, bright… sweaty… uh oh. How can we get a beautiful look that won’t melt off? I’m here to help! 

Protect Your Skin

In the summer, especially as moms, the main event is daytime activities. Should we even bother with makeup? Maybe not, BUT, it always feels good to have a nice face on.

The biggest thing that I must emphasize in regards to summer makeup trends is the importance of SPF! If you’re only putting one thing on your face this summer, let it be SUN PROTECTION. (Check out this reel to know if the sunscreen you’re using is safe!)

Various brands sell specific SPF products for the face. My personal favorite is the Tula Skincare daily sunscreen gel. It has a little shimmer in it, providing a natural looking glow as well as UVA and UVB protection. Another solid summertime SPF face product is a BB or CC cream. I like Maybelline because they provide a little tint, coverage, and moisture as well.

Pro tip: getting your eyebrows or eyelashes done (if that’s up your alley) is a great, effortless way to enhance that natural look. You deserve it!

A Minimal-Effort Look

Once you have that SPF base on and your brows are looking good, you might be inspired to keep going. A sweep of mascara – make it waterproof for water activities – and a little bronzer or blush are simple ways to really bring that summery, “no-makeup makeup” look together. Brushing bronzer or blush across the your nose gives the illusion of being perfectly sun-kissed. If your kids keep you up at night or you have a pesky pimple, drop on some concealer, but not too much! You don’t need it, I promise. Finish off the look with a lip balm or light gloss. Look at you, you effortless glowy goddess! The zoo/splash pad/park/beach/pool won’t know what hit it!

Pro tip: For your summer makeup routine, I would personally avoid eyeliner, especially on the lower lid. On a hot day (and let’s face it, they’re ALL hot), that liner is at high risk for running down and causing a little raccoon-eye situation. The theme here is light, bright, and minimal. 

From Day to Night

If you’re looking for a nighttime look I would basically follow the same guidelines. Less is truly more and the heat hardly dies down around here even after the sun sets. That being said, it is still nice to do a little “more” for a night out.

In the summer, I think a touch of shimmer on the eyelids and a bright lip are some really nice enhancements to the daytime look. Applying some highlighter to the inner corner of the eyes, brow bone, and tops of the cheeks gives a nice, extra bright pop. As for lips, a bright red or peachy nude are my go-to’s. 

Summer Makeup Trends for Moms: Let it Glow Alexa Gonzalez Miami Mom Collective

An Summer Makeup Extra Tip

Enhancing your natural beauty is what I’m all about, especially in the summer when we’ve all been out in the sun a little more than usual. Sometimes, we may stay out a little too long and whether it’s because we’re focused on our kids or we just totally forgot, reapplying SPF can make it’s way to the bottom of our to-do list. If you end up with a sunburn but have an event to go to that you would like to wear makeup for, skip the blush! Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize and just pop on some highlighter to avoid looking too red.