Swimsuit Season is Upon Us! Tips To Help You Strut Your Stuff


Wait? What’s the date today??!!!!

Summer is here! Hard to believe right?! That means ::GASP:: swimsuit season is here!!!

Before you freak out and start hyperventilating, read what I have to say carefully: You look amazing exactly how you are at this moment! But read on for some tips that’ll help you strut your stuff from the beaches to the boats, to the pools, and wherever else there is water or swimming involved.

You want me to wear a ONE-PIECE?????

Yes, I do, if that’s what you are comfortable in. They are my personal favorite, especially when chasing after the kids. I need you to get the image of a moo-moo out of your head! Websites like Cupshe.com have super cute one-pieces that will suck you in and accentuate your beautiful curves. They have an easy sizing guide to help you choose the best swimsuit for you. Also, keep in mind low cut swimwear will lengthen you, especially if you choose a solid color. If you are into prints, choose a swimsuit with strategically placed cutouts so the pattern doesn’t overwhelm you.

Swimsuit Season is Upon Us! Tips That'll Help You Strut Your Stuff Sharon Sharifi Contributor Miami Moms BlogTINY TWO PIECES??

Just like you had the image of the moo-moo in your head for the one-piece, get the image of a skimpy two-piece out of your head!! It doesn’t have to be a high cut, stringy looking thing! Bikinis come in all cuts and sizes, so do not be afraid to mix and match. Frilly tops can add a little oomph to your top area, while a solid color bottom can slim your bottom half.


I personally know many women who are obsessed with staying a certain size… unfortunately, we have been conditioned to think that numbers are all that define us. But I will tell you, if you want to keep squeezing into “your size,” you could end up looking larger than you are! In my personal collection, I have bathing suits ranging from small all the way to large. Every different company from different countries size their swimsuits differently. I am not going to place a swimsuit back on the rack because it isn’t “my size.” Try it on and take it from there!


I can promise you, no one is staring at you because you have stretch marks or a little cellulite. If they are staring, it is because you followed all these tips and look like a hot mama! Don’t forget to tag me @suki_says_style  so I can see how cute you look in your swimsuit!!

Swimsuit Season is Upon Us! Tips That'll Help You Strut Your Stuff Sharon Sharifi Contributor Miami Moms BlogHAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE!!