Bottega Child Development Center: Creating Lifelong Learners

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Bottega child development center miami moms blog

As a former Preschool Director, my standards when choosing a preschool can be very high. There are many things to consider including: approaches to learning, student to teacher ratio, learning environment, safety and security, and teacher qualifications. I am always looking for the setting where my children can gain skills that will help them grow to become lifelong learners.

Choosing a preschool in Miami can feel overwhelming. It seems as if there is a preschool on every corner and with numerous approaches and methods, how do you know which school is the right fit for your child? 

Visiting a school is the best way to truly see and experience a learning environment for yourself. Last year, when the Miami Moms Blog Editor visited Bottega Child Development Center she knew she had stumbled upon something very special. 

Bottega Child Development Center 

In 2003, after finding it difficult to locate the right school for her son, Carmen Salas along with her sister-in-law Sylvia De Armas, launched the preschool that they were so desperately seeking. Bottega Child Development was truly born out of a need and a passion to educate children in a way that would set them up for success for years to come.

Bottega child development center miami moms blog

Today Bottega Child Development Centeris a place where children could thrive as independent thinkers, and form a solid foundation to excel in education and life. The program at Bottega is built on a strong foundation with relationships at the core. The administration understands that children, parents, and the school must work together as partners. 

Unique Approach to Learning: Creating Lifelong Learners 

Bottega Child Development Center is a preschool that offers a unique experience for children founded on a research based approach called The Reggio Emilia Approach to education. Developed in Reggio Emilia Italy, this pedagogy is a student-centered, experiential learning approach.

It has been said, “I heard and I forgot. I saw and I remembered. I did and I understood.” Every individual remembers a moment in their life where learning became interactive, sensory, experiential, and most importantly, meaningful. These experiences are the fertile ground where valuable growth and learning sprout to fruition.   

Bottega child development center miami moms blog

The hands-on learning approach is designed to support the needs of each child as they grow. Imagine, a child being scaffolded at their learning pace instead of being rushed through countless worksheets that may not even be developmentally appropriate. At Bottega, children learn how to socialize and are introduced to meaningful experiences that invite all children to use their skills. This makes the learning process not only interactive but comprehensive, seizing upon every opportunity to gain new skills.  

Highly Trained Educators 

One of the things that initially drew me to learn more about Bottega Child Development Center was their use of Harvard University’s Project Zero Visible Thinking strategies. The mission of Project Zero is to understand and enhance learning, thinking and creativity for individuals and groups using experiential education. 

Bottega Child Development Miami Moms Blog Ultimate Miami Preschools Guide

Children learn to engage in the learning process by sharing their ideas as part of the research conducted in the classroom. They then begin to understand the importance of thinking about an idea or concept, reflecting, and analyzing their ideas. Think of your child as a curious detective, learning to ask good questions that will help them continue to enjoy learning their entire life. 

bottega child development center miami moms blog

Experiential learning is such a powerful tool but it takes great care and precision to execute well in the classroom. Teachers must be seasoned in the skills of asking good questions, creating rich environments for observation, and using patience as the learner begins to grow. At Bottega Child Development Center the administration is dedicated to enriching not only the lives of their students but also their staff. By exposing their staff to the practices of Project Zero, they are continuing to work towards a more enlightened educational process and system that prepares learners well for the world that they will live, work and develop in.

Learn More about Bottega Child Development Center

Can you imagine your child daily being exposed to learning that is creative, intentional, and specialized to foster their unique gifts and skills? I cannot think of a better experience for my child’s first introduction to school. Lifelong learning skills are happening everyday at Bottega!

See the creative learning process in action at Bottega Child Development Center. Their 2020 Open House is scheduled for Saturday, February 1st so it’s the perfect time to schedule your visit.  

Call 305-666-0537 or visit their website to learn more. 

Bottega Child Development Miami Moms Blog Ultimate Miami Preschools Guide

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