Centner Academy: A School Designed for 21st Century Learners

This post is brought to you by Centner Academy. 

Centner Academy

Open the mind. Unlock the world. Centner Academy is a premier independent school near Miami’s Design District offering Preschool to Kindergarten. Classes will begin Fall 2019. Grades 1-12 will be coming soon.

A School Designed for 21st Century Learners
Building a 21st Century School

“Remember when children…”

“In the good old days, school…”

“The world used to be …”

Every day we hear and use similar expressions. These nostalgic memories help us feel joyful gratitude for the blessings that we have experienced in our lives. However, they also highlight that change is happening all around us, every day. Today’s parents need to respond to a new reality.

Political absolutism, religious fundamentalism, racial prejudice, social unrest, technology and globalization have transformed the world into a different place. Schools have changed too. However, instead of adapting their curricula to meet these new challenges, schools are too focused on standardized testing at the expense of learning. In this new context, kids face expectations, threats and pressures that few of us ever dreamed of as children.

Think of how it feels to live and work in this rapidly shifting reality. Now, imagine yourself as a child trying to learn and grow in such an environment.

A School Designed for 21st Century Learners

Centner Academy is where students today get everything they need to be strong adults in the world of tomorrow.

We designed an entirely new school from the ground-up as a living, breathing response to new academic and social challenges. In a world that is gaining a greater awareness of the psychological and societal effects of bullying, where safety and security are at the forefront in American classrooms, and where insecurity and social pressure can follow our children 24/7 through digital networks, Centner Academy is here to provide your child with a very different experience.

A School Designed for 21st Century Learners

This new normal is not normal. 

Our curriculum and community are built on deep, steadfast values of compassion and kindness. To us, there is no leadership without empathy. We are a connected, conscious and loving school, with zero tolerance for bullying and an emphasis on character and citizenship. On this foundation, we offer an incredible academic experience that prepares them for the multinational global economy.

Centner Academy does not leave any child behind because we walk arm-in-arm, supporting one another through critical years of growth and learning. Enroll your child today at 2 ½. When he or she is 18, you will meet a mature, thoughtful, loving, intelligent person who is fully prepared for the world of tomorrow.

Centner Academy: A School Designed for 21st Century Learners
Centner Academy’s state-of-the-art facility opens August 2019.

Learn more about Centner Academy by visiting their website.

Call 786-378-8646 to schedule a private tour. 

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