PTA Mom? Me?–Volunteering at Your Child’s School


PTA Mom? Me?--Volunteering at Your Child's School Sharon Sharifi Contributor Miami Moms Blog

I work… I really don’t have time for this.

So, Mama, you’re working, cooking, cleaning, and planning activities for the family and now your child’s PTA wants you to volunteer. Say what?!

Okay, take it easy and let’s get to how you can manage it all!

PTA Polly Practically Lives at the School

school volunteer mom Sharon Sharifi Contributor Miami Moms Blog

No one is saying you have to be the president or even serve on the board. First things first, join the PTA in your name and your child’s name. Some of this money goes directly to the National PTA, but some comes back to your school. Next, choose two meaningful, fun events that you would actually like to volunteer for. Attend the first meeting. There, you will receive a list of events that your school usually does. Look over it and really try to hone in on the ones that are pertinent to your family. 

You definitely do not have to be a slave to the school, and if your time for volunteering does not match up with school hours, then I urge you to participate in the various fundraisers your school is having. Some are as easy as texting a link to your friends and family, while others involve a little more interaction. Again, choose something and stick to it. Your child’s school greatly benefits from these fundraisers because the money is going directly into the school.

Book Fairs & Bake Sales–Oh My!

fundraisers, money for school Sharon Sharifi Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Speaking from experience, sending your child to school with money for the book fair or bake sales counts as a way to be involved. Again these are fundraisers that greatly impact your school and require a minimum commitment from you. 

Maybe you can even approach the PTA board members and ask if they need you to man a shift or send in a poster to advertise for the sales. Whatever you can do, please do! Your child will love seeing you there and you will feel awesome serving your community. There is a role for every parent and whatever you do, you’ll get an “A” for effort.

You can follow me and my adventures as not only a teacher but PTA president this year! Share and comment below with all of your volunteer experiences, whether successful or not.

Happy Volunteering Everyone!