Bringing Social Skills and Manners Home from Preschool


social skills from preschool miami moms blog mannersIf your child is in preschool, whether a new student or a seasoned veteran, they will be learning much more than their ABC’s and 123’s. The preschool setting is different from what they have known at home. They will be adjusting to a new daily schedule and cooperating with multiple peers. They will also be learning classroom community rules, manners, and listening skills.

I work at a preschool and enjoy teaching them things that will set them up for success in preschool, learning, relationships, being a good citizen and life. However, it could be 100% more beneficial if they were to also practice these skills at home. 

I encourage you to ask the teachers in your classroom what specific sayings, words, rhymes, social skills, manners, and memory helpers they are teaching your child. Then you can reinforce them at home! Children are super proud when they learn something new and can share it with their family! Teaching mom, dad, brothers or sisters at home strengthens that skill. It’s a Win-Win! (Mommy is happy and Preschooler is Happy!)

Like I said, I enjoy coming up with fun ideas… are a few my kids learn at preschool:

Table manners:

When they want to leave snack or lunch they learn to politely ask, “May I be excused, please?”

Learning: manners, respect, and patience.


Cooperating with peers:

They do something together. For example, students work together to clean up the kitchen area, then they give each other a High-5! If one helps me hand out the water bottles, then we High-5. I have heard my name called out many times just to get my attention so they can show me that they are High-5’ing. There have even been many group High-5’s.

Learning: cooperation, working together, sharing the space and appreciation for each other



Wash: They put soap on their hands and count to 10 before they turn on the water.

Rinse: Turn on water and count backward “5-4-3-2-1 and DONE.” Then they turn off the water.

Learning: to save water, practice counting and rhyming! The 2 and 3 year olds might not understand the counting down, but they LOVE a good rhyme and yelling out, “DONE!” It is super cute when the kids help each other count.


I love my job and chances are, your child’s teacher does too! Serve them by asking how you can help to reinforce the important skills they are learning.