Teacher Appreciation Week: Ideas & Free Printable Gift Tags


Teacher Appreciation Week should be a year-long event. In my opinion, teachers form a big part of our support village. They are our eyes and ears when we are not there. 

Teachers don’t just teach math or reading; they are our children’s first adult confidants outside their own families. They teach our children so much more than the ABCs and 123s. Teachers help to shape the future of our world. 

This week we celebrate and thank our wonderful teachers for all they do, not just for our kids but for us too. 

The hardest part for me is trying to find gifts. Some teachers will share a list with students (and man, am I thankful for those). I also get ideas when I am at school for any reason and happen to be able to have more detailed chats with our teachers. However, we don’t always get lists or are not able to be at school, so I have a few strategies I used to get some ideas.

  1. I ask my kids to casually ask them about different things they might like throughout the year and write them in a note on my phone. Do you like animals? What’s your favorite book/movie? What is your favorite food? Also, I ask them to listen if their teachers drop any hints. 
  2. I ask the kids to take notice of things. If they walk in every day with a Starbucks cup in hand, there’s an idea. 
  3. If you are comfortable with this, a little social media research can go a long way (I apologize to all my kids’ teachers who may read this post for checking their social media pages).

The kids are with them all day; they will hear something that is bound to give you some ideas!

Whether it’s a basket of personalized items, a gift card, a hand-painted sign, or a succulent, I am sure they will love whatever you gift them. And if you’re looking for virtual gift options, check out these unique ideas here.

Once you have your gift, it’s time for the cards! Having trouble finding the right card? I have your back! Below are some free printable gift tags for various gifting needs. I hope it helps!

>>>Click here for FREE printable teacher appreciation gift tags<<<

Teacher appreciation gift tags
Thankful for our teachers

To all teachers: Thank you so much for all you do! It truly takes a special person to do what you do, and your efforts do not go unnoticed. 

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