#BaptistHealthy: Easy Bento Box Lunch Ideas for Kids

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We’ve partnered with Baptist Health South Florida to bring you some fun lunch ideas using four of their #BaptistHealthy recipes! Meal prep for your little ones can be a challenge. The younger we instill healthy habits the better. Here are four good-for-you recipes we are sure your kids will love! 

#BaptistHealthy: Bento Box Ideas for Kids Miami Moms Blog Becky Salgado

Tzatziki Sauce

The #BaptistHealthy take on this Greek sauce can be added to your breakfast (think eggs and toast), to dinner (your chicken or salad) and everything in between! Your kids will even love it for lunch with cucumber sticks.

Energy Boosting Power Bites

These bites are so easy to make and require nothing more than mixing the ingredients together making them ideal for some mommy and me time in the kitchen.


#BaptistHealthy: Bento Box Ideas for Kids

Hummus Dip

This #BaptistHealthy hummus dip is the ultimate snack! It goes well with a variety of healthy items like carrots, tomatoes, celery, whole wheat crackers, and so much more.

#BaptistHealthy: Bento Box Ideas for Kids Miami Moms Blog Becky Salgado

Low-fat Ranch Dressing

This #BaptistHealthy ranch can be used as a dressing for salads or a dip for veggies and other finger foods.

Now that you have your snacks, you can use these Stuck On You Bento Boxes to store and carry them all! They come divided into compartments labeled with the different food groups (goof-proof for the busy mommy brain) ensuring your kids have a balanced meal or snack. The inner tray can be removed and is so easy to clean and the most fun part? They are customizable! You can add your little one’s name, choose the color and select from several different prints, animals and designs. 

We are also loving these reusable silicone straws by GoSili. They come in their own case and are perfect for on-the-go. It’s a small, easy step we can take towards being a little more green.

#BaptistHealthy: Bento Box Ideas for Kids

These are just a few ideas using #BaptistHealthy recipes for kids. There are so many other snacks you can incorporate.

Watch the video to see us create these 4 easy lunches…

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  1. Packing lunch is a much more difficult task than I ever anticipated! I feel like my daughter is in this stage where she is so picky about what I pack and I’m not even sure how that happened. ?‍♀️ I love the idea of the power bites. We will need to try those and they would be a great after school activity to do together! My daughter LOVES alllll the fruit right now. I have found I’ve had to mix veggies in a lot of foods I cook at home and smoothies we make. Besides all the fruit, and the occasional carrots, I grabbed two items at Costco that are quick to throw in her lunchbox and I know she will eat. They have these organic fruit and veggie pouches as well as these Made Good granola minis. I love these because they are school safe…. no nuts, dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, etc etc. There are so many allergies and restrictions in school today so these were a great choice for us. They have a berry flavor and choc chip flavor so definitely a win for us! Thanks for sharing the ideas and adorable lunch boxes! I also need to check out those reusable straws, as they would be ideal for our home made smoothies!

  2. I love these ideas, and can’t wait to start trying!!! I have an amazing vegan cookie recipe all healthy with flax and oatmeal I would love to share. I add protein powder as well for a dash of protein.

  3. My 4 year old loves all kinds of fruits, a box like this would be perfect to put in all her favorites: strawberries, blackberries, grapes, pineapple and some almonds too!

  4. Such a good read! As a momma of a 2 year old who throws any creative menu idea I come up with completely out the window ? I love that this bento box will allow him to have variety in ONE setting. Which seems to be his jam. His terms, his way, his time. #HesHisMommasSon.

    Lately, he’s really been into granola bars and multigrain bars- we usually pair those up with a banana so it sounds healthy, right?

  5. I love packing bento lunch for my kids — and now my husband wants some too! He now understands how picky I am about choosing the right containers for my sons’ lunch and how picky I am about getting the right fit for the carefully selected nutritious snacks I pack for my kids every morning. It takes a lot of practice, but it’s always satisfying! Yes, I do try to pack a balance of greens (broccolis, green pears, green beans), yellows (banana, corn, fried tofu, yellow peppers), whites (cauliflower, fish balls, fishcakes, pita bread), oranges (carrots, orange slices), reds and purples (grapes, strawberries, raspberries, apples), granola bars, sandwiches, spaghetti bolognese, fried rice! And whenever I can, it’s gonna be sugar free or less sugar juiceboxes!

    Like I said, it’s a lot of practice especially when you have picky eaters, and you don’t have to do cute kawaii faces like they’d traditionally do in Japan. If you go for any color theme (solid colours or rainbow colors), you can easily decide what to put in the bento box.

    Also, when you have time, slipping in a secret uplifting message inside their lunchbox makes a lasting impression 🙂

    • Omg, I’ve been trying to get super creative too to get my picky eater to try some different foods. It’s been two weeks so far and some days I am struggling to think of a good menu. If it were up to her she’d eat Mac and cheese, white rice, and nuggets everyday! But we’ve done a great job finding middle ground with getting more healthy eats in. Im lucky she really does good with a lot more veggies than most kids her age.

  6. My kids don’t like when I pack them berries or some other types of fruit because they get too mushy, so I always try to include an organic/all natural fruit purée pouch so they can get their fruits in there!! We like Peter Rabbit Organics or GoGo Squeez. Carrots, granola bars, cheese and crackers are always a big hit, too.

  7. Can’t wait to try the power bites! My daughter loves spinach tortillas, I use cookie cutters to cut them into fun shapes for her. I pair that with chicken and spinach (girl loves her spinach lol). I freeze a thermos overnight to put her grapes and strawberries. I’ve also found many different veggie based pastas which she loves. Veggie chips, although not my preferred snack for her, are a great alternative to the regular bag of Lays she’d devour.

  8. My daughter will be two next month and bento boxes are key since at this age she’s becoming a picky eater. So far I’ve bought star cutouts to make her almond butter and sugar free jelly. She loves fruit- the juicer the better. Watermelon, pears, apples. Veggies are a mission, but I make purées and mix fruit and veggies. It’s amazing how bento boxes keep the food nice and tidy too.

  9. The Bento Boxes are awesome, cute and they help us mom’s prepare a healthy lunch for our kids having all the food groups compartments and appropriate portion sizes! One of my favorite snacks is called “Ants on a log” and it consists of cucumber sticks with cream cheese and raisins on top. My child loves it! He also likes bananas, I add almond butter and its a go!

    • Congratulations Vilma! You’ve been selected as a winner of a personalized Bento Box! We will email you with more details!

  10. Love these ideas!! I’ve been wanting to give the energy bites a try, I’ll definitely be making them with my toddler this week. He’s never had ranch before, I honestly didn’t think there was a healthy way to make it, so I’ll also be looking into it as well. As far as the hummus and veggies in these recipe ideas… he loves them all so I’m excited. Thank you for great healthy lunch ideas!

  11. Love packing bento box lunches! My daughter looks forward to her lunch every day so I’m always looking for new and *healthy* ideas! Thank you and ?? I get to use a new super cool personalized box soon!

  12. Thank you for sharing this ideas, I definitely going to try them all !! My LO loves homemade guacamole with veggie chips. It’s delicious, easy and healthy. This lunchbox looks ideal, seems that everything is well packed.

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