My Mom Can Make Your Birthday Cake! Why My Son Is Proud of Me


Ever since I was in my twenties, I’ve always enjoyed baking and decorating cakes. When I become a mom, I started cooking a lot more, and I liked to have something sweet to offer to those who would come to visit. A tart, pie or cake and a cup of tea… it’s always welcoming. Who knew that I would one day make my son feel proud of me by baking a birthday cake.

My Mom Can Make Your Birthday Cake! Why My Son Is Proud of Me Mariela Bonomi Contributor Miami Moms Blog

I made and decorated the cakes for my son’s christening and his 3rd birthday, but I needed some new ideas and to improve upon my self-learned techniques. So I found some baking classes that weren’t far from my house. Once a week, from 7-10pm, I would learn new recipes and enjoy some time for myself.

Cake Baking and Decorating Courses

Located off of 22nd Avenue and Coral Way, the Mariano Moreno Culinary Institute (MMCI) offers all kinds of culinary courses. With chef’s and baker’s certification programs, enthusiasts have a variety of courses to choose from. Of course, I took baking and cake decorating classes. It was a great experience mingling with all kinds of women, and we always had a great time. Three different recipes and techniques were explained and carried out during each class. And then we would take every piece we made home to share and enjoy.

Fondant cake decoration was my favorite class, so I took another course just for that! Since then, I’ve been making my son happy every year on his birthday with a different cake. He chooses a theme and we go from there.

Proud Kid!!!

A couple of months ago, Pedro was talking with his best friend about his upcoming birthday I overheard my son say, “My mom can make your birthday cake!” My heart was full. He is proud of me!!! After that, I couldn’t refuse. The faces of those two boys where the biggest reward I could receive; one had his much-desired cake, and my son was just soooo proud of me!