Pizza Night: 10 Homemade Pizza Ideas for a Fun Family Friday Night


Image: A family making homemade pizza together (Pizza Night: 10 Homemade Pizza Ideas for a Fun Family Friday Night Lorena Lougedo Contributor Miami Mom Collective)Family Friday Pizza Night

Imagine chatting away with your kids, laughing, singing, and dancing, as you and your family are making delicious pizza for dinner in the kitchen. What a beautiful moment to enjoy family time. Love creating memories with family? Then, listen up! Are you ready for a fun family Friday night? Love the sound of that! Oh, yea! And I am adding food to the mix!

Let’s talk PIZZA 

Who does not love a good, cheesy, mouthwatering pizza? Mmm! So comforting. Well, let us take it up a notch!

Let’s make Friday nights fun and enjoyable with the whole family. Let’s make pizza for dinner! Your local grocery store already provides premade pizza dough and sauces. All you have to do is buy your favorite toppings and bake away!

Image: A group of people sharing a pizza (Pizza Night: 10 Homemade Pizza Ideas for a Fun Family Friday Night Lorena Lougedo Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

FUN Homemade Pizza Night Ideas:

  • Let’s start simple: Cheese pizza with classic marinara or alfredo sauce. Who does not like a cheesy, gooey, pizza? All you have to do is add your favorite cheese or cheese blends to the dough and sauce! You can use marinara sauce or alfredo sauce! If you use alfredo sauce, you have made the family a white cheese pizza! (Toppings: marinara or alfredo sauce and cheese)
  • White pizza with spinach: Simply add some spinach as your topping. (Toppings: alfredo sauce, cheese, and spinach)
  • White pizza with chicken: Grill some chicken breasts, cut them up, and sprinkle them over your pizza. Viola! (Toppings: alfredo sauce, cheese, chicken breasts)
  • BBQ chicken pizza (add some ranch!): Add some of your favorite tangy or honey BBQ sauce over some grilled chicken pieces! So savory and tangy! Yum! Where are my ranch dressing lovers at?  Add some ranch dressing to “dress” up your pizza. (Toppings: BBQ sauce, cheese, chicken breasts, and ranch. You may use marinara sauce for the dough and use BBQ sauce as a topping.)
  • Chicken bacon ranch pizza: Talk about a whole concoction! Fry up some crispy bacon, add it to the chicken, and top it off with ranch dressing. Bon Appetite! (Toppings: marinara sauce or ranch dressing, cheese, chicken breasts, sizzling bacon, and MORE ranch dressing to top it off!) 

Image: Thumbs up for homemade pizza (Lorena Lougedo Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

  • Meatballs pizza: Slow cook some meatballs in your slow cooker. Top off your pizza with marinara sauce, cheese, and meatballs. So Italian! (Toppings: marinara sauce, cheese, and meatballs)
  • Mac n cheese pizza: This one will be a hit for all the kids! Top off your pizza with creamy and cheesy mac n cheese! Oh my! (Toppings: marinara or cheese sauce, cheese, and mac n cheese)
  • Veggie pizza: Want a healthier option? Top your pizza with tomatoes, green/red peppers, olives, mushrooms, spinach, and onions. Still so delicious! (Toppings: marinara sauce, cheese, and ANY veggies)
  • Taco pizza: Taco BOUT a pizza. Can you imagine adding seasoned ground beef, cheese blends, tomatoes, refried beans, and crispy tortilla chips to your pizza? What a delight! Top off with sour cream and enjoy. (Toppings: marinara sauce, ground beef, cheese, tomatoes, refried beans, crispy tortilla chips, and sour cream)
  • Breakfast pizza: Breakfast for dinner or pizza for breakfast? Whatever the case may be, this one will surely be a hit! Top off your pizza with Italian breakfast sausages, onions, veggies of your liking, scrambled eggs, and cheese. (Toppings: marinara sauce, cheese, Italian sausages, onions, ANY veggies, and scrambled eggs)

All of these homemade pizza night ideas will surely bring your family all together for dinner!

Image: Several slices of pizza (Lorena Lougedo Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

“When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that’s amore!” -Dean Martin

What are some of your favorite pizza night ideas?

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