The Koki Experience: In-Home Personal Chef Service

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The Koki Experience: More than Meal Prep miami moms blog

I recently attended a dinner with some of my fellow Miami Moms Blog team members hosted by Koki, an in-home personal chef service. All I really knew about Koki was that it was an in-home personal chef service, and to be honest, I had limited expectations. When I hear the phrase “meal prep” my brain goes immediately to those pre-made meals that consist of bland salmon, steamed broccoli, and chewy brown rice. Honestly, this is what I was expecting on this Friday night: great friends and okay food.

When we arrived we were greeted by beautiful table settings by QQuintessentials. (This is what happens when you let the event planner of the group host a dinner, you get spoiled.) This set the tone for a night that was to exceed my expectations.

The owner and founder of Koki, Tiara, shared with us a bit more about why she started her business. I was immediately forced to pull Koki out of my limited “meal prep” box that I had originally placed it in. Hearing Tiara’s mission and passion won my heart. Plus, she is a fellow midwestern native like myself, so what isn’t to love?

Our Personal Chef

We took a peek into the kitchen, mostly because the smells were just so divinely distracting! Our chef had various projects and foods being prepared, yet somehow the kitchen looked like it was organized and clean. Then I remembered he was a 5-star chef, so this is his thing. Of course, he has this under control. The fire alarm would have gone off twice if I was cooking. 

The Koki Experience: So Much More Than Meal Prep Ashley Rodrigues Contributor Miami Moms Blog

The Dinner

We sat down for a salad, that disappeared in minutes. There was goat cheese involved so it didn’t stand a chance. The appetizer was roasted cauliflower and it absolutely stole the show. I would be committing a culinary crime if I tried to describe it, but the seasoning, the sauce, everything about it was perfection. I could have gone home after the appetizer a happy woman.  The declared hashtag of the night laughably was #passthecauliflower because it truly became the unsung hero of the meal. 

The main course consisted of scallops and chicken. The scallops were restaurant quality and the chicken flew off of the platter. Dinner was well beyond the reheated brown rice of my expectations.

The Koki Experience: So Much More Than Meal Prep Ashley Rodrigues Contributor Miami Moms Blog

The Koki Experience

Tiara talked a lot about the “Koki experience” and I struggled to grasp it until we actually experienced it. Our host’s 5-year-old daughter was laughing and chatting with our chef in the kitchen. The chef was gracious, kind, and patient.  Our beautiful host was actually able to enjoy hosting. When is this ever possible?

After the evening, the kitchen looked as if the night had never happened. I started to better understand the phrase “Koki Experience.” It is that comfortable, warm feeling you get when you sit down with your family (or in our case our girlfriends) for delicious food. Nothing is uncomfortable, nothing is awkward. You can kick your shoes off. The typical to-do list of dinnertime essentially disappears. 

While Miami Moms Blog had the opportunity to enjoy The Koki Experience for a dinner party, their real “bread and butter” (pun intended) is the next day, in-home, personal chef service. Moms can book a chef online to come to their home and manage the weekly family meals. Can you imagine an on-demand personal chef service preparing delicious, healthy meals for your family while you get hours of your time back? The service includes fresh organic groceries, four entrees cooked for your family, packaged away, AND the kitchen left spotless! Moms, this is The Koki Experience.

The Koki Experience: So Much More Than Meal Prep Ashley Rodrigues Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Would I Use Koki?

Budget wise, utilizing Koki every week would be a little too much of a luxury for our scrappy little family budget. Would I still utilize Koki? Yes. I work with postpartum moms, and what a blessing Koki would be in that season of life when nourishing quality food is essential to keeping the family functioning. When my family comes to visit from out of state, I can show them around my new city and come home to dinner made.  

If Koki fits in your family budget, do it without regret. Never look back. They do your grocery shopping (did I mention quality and organic ingredients?), they do everything. If it doesn’t fit the budget, keep them in mind for seasons of life where you need a little more help than usual. They are so much more than a meal prep service.

Koki offers meal plans for families of 2 or more and prices starts at $270. 

Enjoy the special offer they have extended to Miami Moms Blog followers for $75 off using code: MMB. What are you waiting for? Book your personal chef now!