Top 5 Foods for a SuperPower Family for all Your Meal and Snack Needs


Top 5 Foods for a SuperPower Family Miami Moms Blog Adita Lang

Is your family SuperPower Strong or are they struggling to get up, get going, and make the best out of school and activities?  I know this can be challenging, and many time we simply settle for the easiest options available.  The thing is that every bite we take creates the foundation for our growth and development, immune support, mental clarity, and so much more.  Food impacts us in a HUGE way.

So the next time you create a meal and snack, try not to view it as simply calories, think of it as nutrients. These are the nutrients that are going to grow your next Superhero, so make every bite count for your entire family and enjoy the SuperPowers it brings along with it. 

Here are my top 5 SuperPower Foods:

Hemp Seeds

These little gems of goodness are a complete protein and are packed with “brain fuel” essential fatty acids.  They have very little taste so they are great to add to a smoothie, salad, hummus, and so much more.


Avocados come in 2 varieties.  If you are a Floridian you will see either the tiny Hass variety or the huge regular avocado.  The Hass is more of an oil based avocado and provides a host of additional nutritional benefits and great quality fats.  That huge one found in your neighbors yard is good as well, it is just more of a water based avocado, so you lose out on the good quality fats but you still get a ton of vitamins per bite. Here’s an avocado recipe worth sharing

Goji Berries

These nutritional powerhouses are packed with antioxidants and also provide you with a complete protein.  They can sweeten up any meal or snack while ramping up your nutrients for the day ahead.

Chia Seeds

The brain thrives on essential fatty acids, and for our little growing minds of the family we want to feed them as much as possible.  Chia seeds gives you your essential fatty acid, protein, and a multitude of nutrients.  I make chia pudding in a host of varieties, simply mix fresh juice with the chia seeds, let it sit the in the fridge and then serve it up.  If you want it smooth like true pudding, simply place it in a high speed blender and there you have it! Here’s a great recipe.


Think of this as a SuperPower raisin replacement.  Raisins have a high amount of sugar and carry with it a good amount of nutrients.  Mulberries on the other hand provide you with protein, antioxidants, and tons of vitamins and minerals in a sweet little package.  These guys are the ultimate immune booster!

So when you are struggling with the decision of what to feed your little ones, get creative and add some of these in.  If you get stuck, check out my recipes here to make your life easier.

With Love and Light,