Coffee Shops: Where to get Your Mom Fuel on National Coffee Day

Coffee Shops: Where to get Your Mom Fuel on National Coffee Day Becky Gonzalez Contributor Miami Moms Blog
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My birthstone is a coffee bean.  -Anonymous

It seems like there’s a National Day for just about everything these days.  September 29th is no exception, which gives us the opportunity to celebrate National Coffee Day.  For all of my fellow history buffs, if it weren’t for the Boston Tea Party of 1773, we may have never adopted coffee as our go-to morning caffeine infusion.  According to National Today, “When the colonies revolted against King George III’s reduction of the tea tax, this sparked a mass switch from tea-drinking to coffee-drinking.”  More than two centuries later, and the land of the free and the home of the brave is also a nation that REALLY loves its coffee.

For the love of coffee.

My love for coffee developed a little later in life after the birth of my second child.  Not sure why (wink wink).  But I suddenly found myself in need of an afternoon pick-me-up in order to stay awake and function after one too many sleepless nights.  And so, our love story began.  Most connoisseurs wouldn’t count my current coffee consumption as true love, though. 

These days, I may have an afternoon cup of coffee every once in a while.  Some weeks, I may have that afternoon cup every day.  Other weeks may go by without me even having as much as half a cup the entire week.  Brace yourselves:  I don’t have to have a cup of coffee to get going in the morning.  Don’t give me that look – I still love coffee!  When National Coffee Day and your birthday are celebrated on the same day, just a little extra grace can be given.  Am I right?

Coffee Shops: Where to get Your Mom Fuel on National Coffee Day Becky Gonzalez Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Miami is home to so many coffee shops, both chains and locally-owned.  Whether you’re looking for some alone time, or to get together with a friend (or a few) for some coffee and chat time, or even just to pick up some quick caffeine fuel to go, here’s a list with a few local favorites: 

Panther Coffee

More than just a coffee shop, Panther Coffee is a Miami-based specialty coffee company.   They are a coffee roaster, retailer, and wholesaler specializing in the small-batch roasting of coffee beans and the preparation of coffee beverages.  Panther Coffee roasts at two locations: Their first store in Wynwood and their headquarters in Little Haiti.  In both shops, you can see their rare 1920’s vintage Probat Perfekt roasters in action most days.

Pasion del Cielo

Pasion del Cielo offers a wide variety of exclusive coffee beans from around the world.  They make sure that their select beans maintain their characteristic flavor, rich body, and aroma by never blending or mixing them. They guarantee that their coffee is authentic and from the specified region.  Pasion del Cielo also offers a vast selection of pastries, healthy wraps, salads, and sandwiches.

Macondo Coffee Roasters

Macondo Coffee Roasters is a one-stop-shop for authentic home-grown Colombian coffee.  They work directly with farmers of the less than two-thousand coffee plants who channel their effort into the love for expertly grown coffee.  Macondo’s is an easygoing cafe offering house-roasted Colombian coffee, plus pastries, breakfast, and lunch dishes.

Smartbean Coffee House

Smartbean Coffee House offers smooth coffee and great food. And the elegant sounds of jazz as you sip your coffee and leave your troubles behind.  They have a full kitchen, where all of the food from their wonderfully eclectic menu is cooked to order.  Smartbean Coffee House also schedules live jazz performances throughout the year.

The Salty Donut

Because doughnuts and coffee go so well together…

Coffee Shops: Where to get Your Mom Fuel on National Coffee Day Becky Gonzalez Contributor Miami Moms Blog

The Salty Donut is a family-owned, artisan donut shop that focuses on chef-made, small-batch, craft donuts that rotate based on seasonality. They’re a 100% scratch bakery, so they use nothing but the highest quality ingredients and make everything in house.  They serve Intelligentsia Coffee and have crafted a coffee menu that focuses on seasonality and flavor profiles that challenge the norm.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist starts with carefully chosen coffee beans, then use their proprietary process to release the flavor of those beans into the purest of water. Their great coffee is complemented by the unique taste of delicious low carb, open-faced sandwiches called “slicers” and a full spectrum of gluten-free desserts.  Enjoy tranquil gardens nestled within a gated artist’s community. 

Eternity Coffee Roasters

The coffee beans at Eternity Coffee Roasters are imported, roasted on-site, and served pour-over-style. They use aroma roasting.  This is a method allowing the coffee to fully develop the unique natural flavor characteristics and capturing all the aromatic notes created throughout the roasting process.  Their downtown Miami roastery and cafe roasts each batch of coffee.  

Brewing Buddha 

Brewing Buddha is a cafe and art house that showcases the perfect blend of coffees, teas, and photographs that create a one-of-a-kind vibe.  Their pour-over coffee starts with freshly ground coffee, a filter, and a filter holder, often called a ‘pour-over dripper.’ At the most basic level, pour-over brewing involves hand pouring water over and through the grounds to extract the coffee flavors into your cup or serving vessel.

Coffee Shops: Where to get Your Mom Fuel on National Coffee Day Becky Gonzalez Contributor Miami Moms Blog
His and hers cafe con leche and cortadito at Bakery 186.

Vice City Bean

Vice City Bean is a Miami coffee bar that serves fine coffee and tea. They are located in the Arts & Entertainment District.  In addition to making sure their customers drink good coffee, Vice City Bean is committed to supporting local artists and businesses.  At their shop, you will find artwork by local artists, local flowers, local vendors and a community that revolves around these. 


ALL DAY is a specialty coffee shop and restaurant in the Park West neighborhood of Miami.  Their serious roasts pair with gourmet eats and cocktails in a minimalist space.  Coffees are prepared on the largest La Marzocco Strada espresso machine in the world, which was custom-made just for them.

Did your favorite local coffee shop make the list?  Leave a comment to let us know!



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