5 Tips for Setting and Crushing Your Goals for 2020


Do you write down your goals every January, make a vision board, or sign up for a new gym membership? That is what we tend to do every new year. On January 1st we come out swinging ready to take on the world. There’s nothing stopping us, right? Until about two or three weeks later we realized that those excuses that we thought we had buried are still nagging us, telling us that we can’t do it. I know the feeling mommas! It ain’t easy. 

Last year I decided to boycott the vision board parties and just wing it. My plan was to not plan and simply let things just flow. Well I can tell you that I was less stressed in 2019 but I can also admit that I didn’t feel as accomplished when December rolled around. In previous years, I attended vision board parties and took pride in clipping pictures of my dreams and making to do lists. I looked forward to meeting up with the ladies and sharing our visions and goals. I also felt amazing when something on my board actually came true without much effort. It was like everything just came together one by one.  


Make a Plan

It is true what they say, when you write your goals down they become real. Goal setting is the process of deciding what you want and creating a plan to achieve the result you desire. Whether it’s a new job, losing weight, a relationship, home, car or new baby once we set the goal, we have to work on accomplishing it. Without goals we tend to lack focus and direction. No goal, no accomplishment! 

If you are like me and get a little overwhelmed with setting goals, there’s hope! Instead of making a huge list for the year, try setting with monthly goals. Start with January and create 3 small attainable goals. Come up with a strategy to accomplish that goal and then crush it! At the end of the month treat yourself to something that you love for killing it and then create your new list for the next month. However, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t accomplish all of your goals for that month, roll them over as needed. The most important part here is sticking to the plan and doing the work! Here are a few tips to crush your goals in 2020! 

Tips for Crushing Goals

  1. Put your goals in writing.
  2. Make a plan or strategy to accomplish your goal.
  3. Take action.
  4. Make adjustments as needed 
  5. Stick with it and don’t quit. 
  6. An accountability partner always helps! 


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