Back Pain: 6 Ways Moms Can Relieve It


Every mom of a small child knows that our little ones can be quite a pain in the back sometimes–literally! Since women carry a lot of extra weight in their belly during pregnancy, they usually start bending their backs forward which is damaging. Once they have given birth, they spend all day carrying and picking up their little ones which can increase the pain even more.

When my son was born, I suffered from lower back pain. I never thought this was something people my age experience and at times it makes me feel like a grandma. Can you relate to this feeling? No worries, I got your back! Here are some tips and tricks that have helped me alleviate the pain while still carrying my child as much as before.

Back Pain: 6 Ways Moms Can Relieve It Bella Behar Contributor Miami Mom Collective

  1. Squat, not bend

The main reason moms of small kids have so much back pain is because they pick their kids up in awkward positions that their backs aren’t used to. Try to let your legs do the work. Instead of bending at your waist, squat down, engage your core, and bring them close to your body every time you pick them up. Use the squatting method when you take them out of the stroller as well. When you take them out of their crib, try to keep your feet hip-distance apart and pull them close to you. Bend a little bit in your knees and engage your core when you lift them out.

  1. Car seats

I recently saw this meme that says Breastfed, bottle-fed, stay at home or work – we’ve all knocked our kid’s head on the car trying to get them in the car seat. Clearly, putting your kid in the car seat from the street requires a lot of odd bending and maneuvering that is absolutely detrimental for your back. Try this instead: sit on the seat next to the car seat with your baby on our lap, rotate your upper body when you put your baby in their seat, and buckle him up from there. This might be a bit unusual at the beginning but it helps prevent back pain.

  1. Get a diaper backpack–or a backpack in general

Diaper bags can get extremely heavy when filled with everything a baby needs. I could not imagine for the life of me to put all of these necessities in a purse and carry the weight on one shoulder. Even though I am the girly-type of woman, I am so glad I opted for a backpack. It balances the weight out on both shoulders. Another positive side effect: since I did not pick some girly purse, my husband often volunteers to carry the diaper bag.

  1. High chairs

When putting them in their high chair, do not try to shimmy them into the small space between the backrest and tray. Instead, take off the tray every single time before putting your little one in there. I saw a huge difference once I started doing this especially since they use the chair several times a day.

  1. Exercise

Do some Yoga and Pilates. Yoga and Pilates are extremely beneficial to your body as well as your mental health. There are several positions that counterbalance any daily forward-bending movement and help you alleviate back pain. Fortunately, you can do these classes online in the comfort of your own home. If you are pregnant and just had a baby, you can look up pre-natal or post-natal exercise on YouTube. Not only will this help you with a better posture but will also make your tummy look flatter.

  1. Massages

If you have bad back pain, you should definitely invest in getting massages regularly. Certainly, there is a cost factor involved but luckily lots of places in Miami offer affordable monthly massage memberships. If this is still not in your budget, ask your significant other, family, or friends for a gift card for your birthday or other special occasions. Get a babysitter and enjoy a well-deserved uninterrupted hour of relaxation that will benefit your health and well-being.

BONUS TIP FOR THE NURSING MOMS: Choose a position that is comfortable for you with back support so you don’t have to hunch forward while nursing. Use a nursing pillow so you can bring the baby as close to your breast as possible so you do not have to lean forward.

Have you experienced any back pain since becoming a mom? What are your tips to alleviate that pain? Let me know in the comments.