Baptist Health Care On Demand App: The Doctor Will See you NOW!

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Baptist Health Care ON Demand App The Doctor Will See you NOW Miami Moms Blog

It is past midnight and you have tried to control your child’s high fever for hours at this point. You have given him a lukewarm bath and alternated ibuprofen and acetaminophen every 3-4 hours. He refuses to drink water. You know keeping him hydrated is crucial. But you also know it is not an emergency that justifies a run to the ER. You are there, worried, tired, wishing you had a pediatrician friend you can quickly Facetime so that he/she can tell you what to do to make sure your child gets better. After a very long night, you are anxiously waiting for your pediatrics office to open, so that you may walk in or schedule a sick visit. Then there is the preparation to leave the house, the long wait, and so on. Can a doctor see my child NOW, pleeeease!!!??

If you can relate, let me tell you that you are not alone, Mama! I have been in this situation so many times already and it is very frustrating and exhausting. I am a mom to two young children and because they are very little, their immune system is still getting stronger, which means they get sick very often. Those who know me, know that I have been in the pediatrician’s office twice a week for the past couple of months.

Therefore, when I was introduced to the Baptist Health Care On Demand app, I was thrilled to find out that Baptist Health is now offering urgent care online! I was surprised to know you can actually have access to family doctors and pediatricians 24/7, instantly, using any mobile device. They see adults too, so this works for the entire family!

It’s a trend! According to Forbes, in 2018, it’s estimated that 65% of interactions with healthcare facilities will occur with mobile devices.

Technology is amazing when it is used to improve our lives! In this case, it is facilitating convenient interactions between doctors and patients and taking them beyond the walls of an office or hospital. These types of services are becoming more and more popular. They are not only convenient and easy but also save time and costs for both the doctors and patients.

Baptist Health Care ON Demand App The Doctor Will See you NOW Miami Moms Blog

The Virtual Experience

When I first tried this service, I was wondering what my virtual experience would be like. I had no idea what to expect. I downloaded the app and set up my profile with information specific to each one of us (my husband and children). I easily requested a doctor to see my 3-year-old who was getting over the Hand, Foot and Mouth virus and was still not eating well because of his multiple mouth canker sores.

What typically takes me 2-3 hours, was resolved in 10 minutes! Not an urgent health matter, but something that I needed to consult a doctor about so that I could stop worrying. I got the medical advice I needed at that moment, from the comfort of my home!

The virtual experience was not different for our Miami Moms Blog founder and Editor in Chief. She was 37 weeks pregnant when she tried Baptist Health Care On Demand. She had terrible sinus pressure one evening that was unbearable. From the comfort of her living room couch she met with a doctor who quickly diagnosed her with a bacterial sinus infection and coached her through the medicines she should avoid. Speaking of her experience she said, “Before I used the app I was desperate and almost took medicine (that I found out later was not advised for use during pregnancy!) to get some relief, because I was feeling miserable. I sure am glad I used the app instead! The doctor issued me a prescription and I picked it up first thing in the morning. She gave me some great remedies to get through the night until I could start the antibiotic. The entire visit was less than 10 minutes. This service is a total GAME-CHANGER!”

Baptist Health Care ON Demand App The Doctor Will See you NOW Miami Moms Blog

So, Mamas, readers, we absolutely encourage you to give Baptist Health Care On Demand a try! Easily download the app, set up your profile and a doctor will see you or your child NOW, remotely. If needed, he/she will send a prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. How convenient is this? Baptist Health calls that “carevenience” and we couldn’t agree more! Because it is a service provided by the Baptist Health organization, a highly respected healthcare entity, it makes it even more reliable. This is definitely an awesome resource that will make your life easier.

Next time you have a sick one, skip the waiting at the Pediatrician’s office and try the Baptist Health Care On Demand app instead, you’ll be so glad you did!

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