Sleep Strategies For Both A Better Night’s Sleep And Better Health


If you read my introduction into the Miami Moms Blog last month, then you know that it was a health crisis – right on the heels of having my second child – that changed my life trajectory from music ministry and touring right into holistic healthcare.

When I got sick, one of the things that had me scratching my mohawk on repeat was how complicated everything seemed to be when it came to how to get myself healthy again.

I talked to doctors and nurses for answers and all that did was make me MORE confused. I read books, all of the online resources and of course health magazines. But all of the conflicting information was not helping. It’s like you needed a PhD to understand half of it! I just wanted things spelled out for me, in preschool terms: A-B-C, 1-2-3….is that too much to ask? So that is what you will be getting from me here on Miami Mom’s Blog: Health Simplified.

The Importance Of Sleep

The first tip I gave you last month was to get more sleep. Many women walk around sleep deprived and are suffering for it. Sister, your body NEEDS to sleep. You’d be amazed at how many vital functions of the body all happen when we are resting! Sleep is a vital component to overall health. Aim for 7-8 hours of quality shut-eye, and see what a difference it makes after one week.

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Two Simple Strategies To Prepare For A Good Night’s Rest:

#1 Get On a Schedule

Give yourself a bedtime and a wake time and stick to it, sister! Go to bed and wake up at the same time, everyday. Yes, that even includes the weekend.

Doing this one thing will regulate your body’s internal clock and will help you to not only fall asleep, but to stay asleep. You will wake up naturally and feel much more refreshed upon waking.

#2 Design (Or Redesign) Your Routine

Just like children thrive on routine, so do adults. Both big and little people need time to unwind after a busy day. Your brain can’t go from 180MPH to a complete stop in 15 minutes. Simply put, you need time to sllllloooowwwww it down.


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For some, it may be a warm bath or shower followed by a cup of chamomile tea an hour before bed.

It may be some light reading (and not on a computer or anything with a blue light) in bed 45 minutes before turning off the lights.

Journaling is a great way to unload all that is on your mind, which in turn, can help relax your body too. 

Remember, YOU are unique and must find what works best for YOU.

More Sleep Strategies Coming Up On The Next Blog Post!

Until then, give these two strategies a try. You may want to even keep track of the changes you notice on a piece of paper by your bedside for reference.

Remember, health radiates and so can you!

Shine Bright,

Carolina Marrelli

PS: Do you have a current sleep routine? Comment below!


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Carolina Marrelli
With 13+ years in music ministry and plans to go on tour, this Miami native’s life came to a screeching halt when, 4 days after bringing her newborn home, she was re-admitted to the hospital, sicker than she’d ever been. She was given a gift – it just came wrapped in really ugly wrapping paper. Surviving a health crisis that took 2 years to fully recover from is what led Carolina to become an Holistic Health Coach and Certified Plant-Based Medicine Instructor. She teaches women how to heal their bodies from the inside out so they feel better, look better and have the energy to do the things they love. Always up for adventure (and a good book), you can catch Carolina, her husband Carl and their two sons biking, playing on the beach, rocking out in the garage or relaxing by the Biltmore pool! Follow Carolina on Instagram: @CarolinaRMarrelli or her website,