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In recent months, the city of Coconut Grove has evolved into an exciting and multifaceted hotspot for families. Every area of lifestyle has been targeted, providing a plethora of options to the community. This summer, a revolutionary wellness studio is coming to the Grove. I am excited to announce the opening of INFINITY, beyond fitness. Comfortably situated on the second floor of Cocowalk, the team behind INFINITY is bringing a well thought out state of the art training facility that incorporates training, nutrition and recovery, all with one membership

Inside the studio at INFINITY, beyond fitness

Illiett with the team from INFINITY, beyond fitness

What is INFINITY, beyond fitness

Another training facility you ask?  Think again! 

A personalized INFINITY plan is created for each member by their wellness coach every 90 days using personal outputs and lifestyle preferences. But, it’s all kept simple so members have a clear roadmap to reach their goals. We all know we need to recover, eat healthy and workout for results, but the details on exactly what to do can be blurry. That’s where INFINITY comes in. 

INFINITY has solved some integral problems that benefit the everyday person and our quest to achieve wellness in a way that isn’t overwhelming or time-consuming. 


The concept is backed by science and created as an individualized approach to group training. It is classified as a high-intensity interval training (HITT) workout that combines cardio and strength training. Programming includes four modalities that target all your muscle groups, all fitness levels, and allows for members to experience the climbers, treadmills, punching bags, and benches. The best part is you can go to the studio for coach-led group classes AND self-guided sessions. As moms, we’re always tight on time, so it’s great to know that even if a particular class time doesn’t work for you, you can still grab a workout on your own or schedule a personal training session.

During my recent visit to INFINITY, Head Coach Tony made me and the class feel confident with the movements. He provided modifications for the people around me that needed them while still challenging the group. It’s refreshing to work out in a way that is challenging, but not intimidating.

The workout room at INFINITY, beyond fitness

Illiett on the climber machine

I learned that the sessions are designed to boost metabolism, which leaves us burning calories up to 36 hours post-workout! Which meant to me, while I’m racing with my kids, I’m still burning calories. If that is not efficient, I don’t know what is! 

INFINITY Nutrition

We all understand that showing up to a workout is half the battle; the other is staying away from our kids’ leftovers. We also understand that the requirements for nutrition are not one size fits all. So the question I had was, does INFINITY offer any nutrition guidance to help meet my personal goals?

INFINITY offers a customized plan that works in sync with training cycles to fuel not only the body but support the mind as well. With INFINITY’s state-of-the-art body composition analyzer, wellness coaches are able to formulate a personalized plan of action that supports whatever our physical and health goals are. This enables members to have a realistic and actionable plan for their training, nutrition, and recovery.

Illiett demonstrating the body composition analyzer

The body composition analyzer provides detailed data about your body through more than 40 measurements. It determines the difference between muscle mass, fat, water, and minerals. It even tells you what your biological age is. Collecting all this info and data about ourselves can get a bit overwhelming and we’re all guilty of analysis paralysis, which is why INFINITY keeps things simple.  All you have to do is follow your plan. Based on your goals, your plan will lay out simple habit changes that will get you closer and closer to your goals in a sustainable way. They actually reject diet culture, which is a welcomed change!


If there is something foreign to mommas it is the word recovery. We are challenged to keep going no matter what the circumstance is. What if I told you that your workout included recovery? You heard right! Self-care is included without guilt! 

The recovery area

Two of the recovery options offered

Because INFINITY understands that recovery intervals are as important as periods of intense work, they are offering the most innovative recovery tools to help replenish your body. It’s all included in membership! Treat yourself to an infrared cocoon pod, hydromassage lounge, zero-gravity massage, or compression therapy all as part of your workout!

Two more recovery options offered

To make wellness more accessible and approachable to all, sessions are booked in 10-minute increments, with the option to stack back-to-back sessions, according to personal preference and availability.

Did I get it wrong? They have thought of it all! A perfectly designed program for us moms — considerate of our lifestyle, our mental health state, and allowing us to choose what we want to do with the time we have. 

Grand Opening at Cocowalk Coming Soon!

Thank you to the team over at INFINITY, beyond fitness for the wonderful sweat session. Excited to share the experience with our mom community. INFINITY is currently offering a limited amount of Founding Memberships which include a personalized  INFINITY plan every 90 days, unlimited group training sessions, unlimited use of recovery tools, one-on-one wellness coaching sessions, metabolic testing every 90 days, unlimited access to body scans, towel service, and complimentary parking. Members who take advantage of the exclusive Founding Membership will save on membership and enjoy exclusive perks.

To learn more, visit ​​the INFINITY, beyond fitness Cocowalk website and follow on Instagram and Facebook @infinitycocowalk. 

Additionally, INFINITY is offering complimentary community workouts on Saturday mornings at 8:30 am. Save your spot here.

3015 Grand Ave, Suite #216, Miami, FL 33133 (Cocowalk Mall)

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