Quarantine and the Positive Effect on My Daughter’s Severe Eczema


It has been really weird lately for everyone. Most of us have never experienced anything like this–being at home every day, 24 hours a day. Doing distance learning with the kids, and entertaining them all the time has been a challenge for all of us. However, for some of us, it has been an opportunity to catch up and heal, despite the fact that so many lives have been taken. I do not want to talk about all the tragedies caused by COVID19.

I want to tell you about my experience as a mom of a child with a chronic condition like eczema.

School days are usually hard days for us. The rush in the mornings (when Bella is usually asleep because she has a bad night every night, scratching herself), having breakfast in the car for her, brushing her hair right before we go to the school door. Every little detail of our daily morning routine makes her feel stressed, and this is really bad for her eczema and skin. 

Quarantine and the Positive Effect on My Daughter's Severe Eczema Gabriela Morales Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Then, being by herself in a classroom where sometimes she feels a little bit behind the rest of her class. Her hands are usually itchy (especially during summer and springtime), and she can’t write at the same pace as the rest of the kids because she needs to stop and scratch. 

I am giving you these little examples of our normal daily life, not because we feel sorry for ourselves or our lives. I am telling you all of these to explain why this quarantine for us has been an opportunity to catch up and give my daughter strength for when we go back to “normal” life.

And I am pretty sure a lot of parents of kids with any kind of chronic condition can relate to me. We are not alone in this boat. We have each other.

Please do not get me wrong, I am as worried as you are about this hard situation. But looking at the bright side of everything gives us the energy to keep up with everyday life and this new normal.

Quarantine and the Positive Effect on My Daughter's Severe Eczema Gabriela Morales Contributor Miami Moms Blog
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Here are some of the things we have been able to improve thanks to the quarantine:

We do not have to rush in the mornings because we do not have to leave the house. Bella has enough time to get ready in the morning with zero stress. 

We have been able to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner as a family with all four of us sitting at the table.

I have been able to help her through her school work, sit with her (between my work and meetings) and explain to her anything that she does not understand. She has not been behind, she has improved her reading and writing, and her hands itch less now that she does not feel pressured.

We have been able to work on her skin daily with no rush. She even learned how to apply her eczema medication by herself without needing me, so I have a little time for me too.

I finally found a good recipe for her cupcakes and cakes (even though it does not look really important, this is a big thing for us with all her allergies). I am able to bake for her something edible and delicious.

Her skin has not looked this good in months. 

Quarantine and the Positive Effect on My Daughter's Severe Eczema Gabriela Morales Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Besides all the not so positive things caused by this pandemic, we have found a balance in our life. My daughter has matured a lot these days. Her confidence has grown in ways that I could have not ever imagined.

This is our positive take from these difficult times! Be safe and take care.



  1. Thank you for sharing this! I’m so happy for Bella! My son has had a similar experience with his rashes due to allergies. We have been to various doctors and cannot discover the culprit behind his rashes but they’ve nearly gone away from being home.
    Glad to hear your daughter is feeling more at ease and better. ?

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