The RedBike Studios Experience, a Workout Worth Sharing

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The RedBike Studio Workout Experience with Miami Moms Blog Contributor Adita Lang

As a mom, we have so much on our plate that many times our workout falls between the cracks of life. We have great intentions, aspirations, and more, but balancing our health is the biggest chore of all.

The ideal workout needs to fit neatly into our day, and better yet, it should leave us recharged for the next part of our day.

Miami Moms Blog was invited to RedBike Studios in Aventura, owned by Albert Ghitis. I had the pleasure of attending a spinning class and was thoroughly impressed. With my professional background in fitness, I have taken classes from the masters of the trade. Actually, the last spinning classes I took were with Billy Garcia and Johnny G, so Albert had some big shoes to fill.

Albert is a professional. The studio is immaculate, and he has a true desire to take you out of your chaotic day and put a smile on your face. It is so clear that he loves what he does. Albert started in the hospitality industry and it shows, from the cooling towels to the high-end toiletries, he makes sure that the fine details are well taken care of.

The RedBike Studios Experience, a Workout Worth Sharing with Miami Moms Blog Contributor Adita Lang

Of course, appearance isn’t everything. 

When you get into the class he makes sure you are set up for a biking experience. There is mood lighting, weights, and music that is off the charts fantastic. Albert wants you to have a great workout but most of all he wants this to be fun, something that takes you out of your day and resets you for what is to come… didn’t I mention that on my wishlist in the first paragraph?!

He ramped up his cute personality and made us all champions on the bike. We had a blast, he was so encouraging and the time just seemed to fly by. He had us climb, jump, and even dance, not to mention we finished our workout off even stronger with weights and an arm routine.

So the next time you are hankering for a workout or a new experience, check out RedBike Studios. They have three wonderful locations and a staff that strives to make you feel part of the team!

With Love and Light,


The RedBike Studios Experience, a Workout Worth Sharing with Miami Moms Blog Contributor Adita Lang
Check out part of the Miami Moms Blog team – Lynda, Whitney, and Adita (and I dragged my friend Dianna as well!) – We survived, and we have smiles on our faces!!
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