3 Simple Ways to Enjoy Easter (Even While Social Distancing)


About two years ago I changed the way my family and I do Easter. Since then, it’s become my favorite holiday. Now I anticipate Easter, much like we do with Christmas, but without all the pressure to RSVP to all the events and all the “cha-ching-cha-ching” happening at the registers. (December, I love you, but the truth is you make me tired.) 

At this point, you’re probably like, “Okay, Janelle. Spill it. What do you do to make it your most enjoyable holiday? Here it is friend, here it is. 

1. Nourish Your Heart

For the first time in my entire life, I started an Easter reading plan in the days leading up to Easter. By doing this I gave myself the opportunity to nourish my (let’s be honest: tired) heart + soul with the truths and purpose of Easter. Little by little, I got to learn about the pivotal moments in history that lead up to Easter. Every day I was reminded of how much I am loved by a good and sovereign God and truth be told, that did my heart and soul good, my friend.

Interested, but don’t know where to start? You can choose a reading plan on the YouVersion Bible App. They have an entire list of free Easter Study Plans that you can choose from. Best part? You can even do the plan with friends and share your thoughts with each other. You won’t regret taking the time to nourish your heart this way.

3 Simple Ways to Enjoy Easter (Even While Social Distancing) Janelle Fuente Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Screenshot of a 7 Day Easter Plan on the YouVersion Bible App

2. Purposeful Fun with the Kiddos 

I love a good Easter Egg Hunt, but I also love teaching my almost 4-year-old about the actual reason that our family celebrates Easter. This year, we made “Resurrection Rolls.” Apparently, these are a longtime tradition in many households, but this year, it’s a first in ours. Turns out my daughter absolutely loves making and eating them! They make a great visual of the resurrection of Jesus and best of all… they pair great with coffee. #momwin

It only takes 5 ingredients, each of which has its own significance. Snag the easy recipe here.  

3 Simple Ways to Enjoy Easter (Even While Social Distancing) Janelle Fuente Contributor Miami Moms Blog
She loves making this kid-friendly Easter Recipe!

“Let’s pretend Jesus is this marshmallow,” I told Liv. She loved that part and let out a cute little giggle. We’re going to dip the marshmallow in the melted butter and cinnamon sugar, just like the women would’ve anointed Jesus’ body with oils and spices after the Sabbath. Then, we’re going to put Jesus (the marshmallow covered in butter and cinnamon sugar) into the cloth (the crescent roll dough) and wrap it in well. The oven is going to be our tomb. We’re going to put Jesus wrapped in cloth (our crescent roll with marshmallow inside) into the tomb (the oven) and leave it in there for a little while. When the rolls are ready, we’ll take them out and see that Jesus (the marshmallow) is no longer there! All that is left is the roll with cinnamon sugar, but the marshmallow disappears! He is risen.”

The disappearing fluffy marshmallow resembles the resurrection of Jesus on that first Easter morning. All we’re left with is a sweet treat, much like the sweet victory we have in Him now. Oh, sweet grace. ?

3 Simple Ways to Enjoy Easter (Even While Social Distancing) Janelle Fuente Contributor Miami Moms Blog
They smell so good, you won’t be able to keep your hands off of them! Mom Tip: enjoy with a hot cup of coffee

3. Cultivate What Matters to You

Think about what brings you life on Easter Sunday. Aside from the sweet Gospel, it’s good food and family for me. So for the last two years, I’ve made time to press pause in the morning and make a simple yet special breakfast for my little family before we head out to the Easter celebrations. I set our table outside, put out some cute napkins and spring-y plates and cultivate a moment that matters to me. 

This year we’re all in the hard predicament of a world pandemic and are staying home for the betterment of our community. Many of our celebrations will look a little different. While we may be missing our extended family, a traditional Easter meal with loved ones or a communal egg hunt, we also have the unique opportunity to slow down, press pause and celebrate in a new, deeply personal way.

What matters to you? Take a moment to think this through and make it happen for your family, girlfriend. 

May there be a newfound richness in the way we celebrate, even if it looks a little different this year. 

 Happy Easter, friends! 



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