Creating A Memorable Virtual Birthday Celebration


Creating A Memorable Virtual Birthday Celebration MMC Contributor Adita LangHappy Birthday!! Every year we strive to organize the ultimate birthday celebration. This is an event that we, as moms, work so hard to create the right celebration which provides the fun and laughter that our little ones deserve. Who thought that we would have to create a virtual birthday in 2020?

Virtual Cooking Classes

I realize it sounds so impersonal, I get that, but if you change your perspective the options can be endless. I must admit, this hit me after I created my first virtual cooking class for one of my daughters’ friends. She asked me to teach the kids to make healthy cupcakes for the celebration via zoom. From here, my imagination took over, and since then I have created an array of cooking, exercise, and even spa/meditation classes that have been so fun for the kids, and myself included. I create a menu that they send out to the parents, ahead of time, with a supply list. From there, they all set themselves up, and we PARTY!!

Creating A Memorable Virtual Birthday Celebration MMC Contributor Adita Lang

Celebrations in 2020 have no boundaries, by that I mean geographic. There’s incredible talent from across the globe, offering their services and expertise for both adults and kids. You no longer have to stay local.

Creating A Memorable Virtual Birthday Celebration MMC Contributor Adita Lang

Amazing Classes to Inspire

I have a world-class artist friend, in Santa Fe, Brenda Zappittell, who now offers kids painting parties. The kids get together with their canvases, and she coaches them through the process. Another friend, Devon Livingston, out of New York, leads kids through a boot camp class.

These are amazing professionals who leave the kids with an entertaining experience, and also with a few tips and techniques that can last a lifetime. I am a firm believer in providing your children with EXPERIENCES. Think back, do you remember the ice cream party you had as a kid or the experience you enjoyed with your friends?

Invite the World

With that said, there’s one more piece to this amazing celebration…you are no longer limited to your local buddies. For my son’s graduation, his friends from Mexico and Georgia were there to celebrate. For my daughter’s birthday, her friend from Madrid was front and center. Gone are the days of trying to fly in a close buddy to make a surprise appearance, they are now a click away.

Creating A Memorable Virtual Birthday Celebration MMC Contributor Adita Lang

Not to mention…Family. We are now at a point that we can reunite loved ones so easily, include them for celebrations, and so much more. Granted, Zoom may have a bit of a learning curve for our older generations, but that is what our junior tech team is for. They are the ones to teach and inspire them to “get with it”, enjoy the gatherings, and create family unity in a brand-new way.

If you are struggling with the “New Normal” change your perspective. This is an incredible opportunity to go beyond our normal thinking and create celebrations and events like never before. Brenda and I worked on a party recently, the kids painted with her first (direct from Santa Fe), then met with me in Miami for a spa afternoon of homemade face masks and meditation. I don’t know about you, but that seems more exciting than your traditional party clown, just saying.

Let your imagination take over with NO LIMITATIONS, the world is your source for activities and experiences to make each party a true adventure.

With Love and Light,


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