Flag Day: Fun Ways to Celebrate With Your Kids


Flag Day is celebrated on June 14. This day commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States on June 14, 1777. Although not a federal holiday, there are still a ton of fun activities we can do with our kids to celebrate.

I am by no means a Pinterest mom but I do love some simple and budget-friendly crafts and activities to do with my kids at home. Anything to keep them busy and off those tablets!

Homemade American flag fruit kabobs

Snacks and Treats

Who doesn’t love a good fruit board? If your kiddos are anything like mine, they love to “help out” in the kitchen. This usually consists of breaking eggs (nothing better than an omelet with egg shell pieces of love… yum) and helping to beat them, mixing batter for pancakes, cakes, muffins, waffles, etc., and sometimes even doing the dishes! American flag fruit kabobs are great for this event. This is not only an easy dish to make but it also incorporates fruits for your littles to eat.

Just grab a couple of strawberries, bananas, and blueberries. Make sure to help your kids when slicing the fruit. Put them on a skewer and voila!

You would want to make the star section first with at least five skewers and blueberries. Later you can use about 11 skewers and alternate bananas and strawberries to make your stripes. For a sweeter treat, you can alternate marshmallows for bananas.

Don’t forget to take the time and explain what each stripe represents!

A DIY pom-pom American flag craft
Photo provided by Crafty Morning

Pom-Pom American Flag Craft

Another simple activity to do with kids is a pom-pom American flag. Just grab red, white, and blue paint which you can find at the dollar store, along with 3 clothespins, white paper, and pom-poms.

You can start by having your kids pinch a pom-pom with a clothespin and dip it in the desired paint. It’s usually easier to start with blue since it’s just a big square in the top right corner.

Once the blue paint is dry, stamp dots with the white paint and make the American flag. Remember to explain what the white dots and red and white stripes represent.


Taking your children to your local library or book store is another great idea. Depending on your child’s reading level, there are great books that teach our kids the meaning of our flag.

Some books for our little ones are:

What fun activities or crafts do you guys do with your little ones? If you try any of the ones I suggested feel free to comment and upload pictures. Happy Flag Day, Mommas!