May the Fourth: How to Throw a Star Wars Themed Party at Home


Rachel celebrating Star Wars Day with her family

If you and your kids are huge Star Wars fans and you’re looking for a fun new way to celebrate May the Fourth, why not throw a Star Wars-themed party at home? If you’ve never thrown one before then there is no need to worry! It may take a little bit of planning and effort but it’s a fun process. And totally worth it especially if you’re a mom who enjoys organizing your kids’ parties. Just think of it as a day that your kids will enjoy, love, and remember! If you want to have a successful party at home here are a few things that you will need:


One of the most important elements of any party is always the food. It’s the one thing that guests and/or family members look most forward to because who doesn’t love food right? The great thing about throwing a Star Wars party is that you’re able to get creative and try out different things that your kids and guests will enjoy. Plus, you can customize what you offer so whether you want to offer healthier snacks or have a cheat day with the kids that is totally up to you!

A themed snack table

Since May the Fourth is the day before Cinco de Mayo what I normally like to do is incorporate some Mexican cuisine into the party. For example, you can create a buffet-style taco station that includes ground beef and/or chicken, soft and hard taco shells, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, etc. This is a great option to go with because it’s not super time-consuming. It’s easy to make and set up. Plus, it’s delicious and crowd-satisfying!

A themed taco station

A Star Wars themed taco station

For appetizers and snacks, there are a couple of ideas of what you can serve such as chips and dip (like a five-layer dip for example), meatballs (such as the frozen ones from IKEA), and chicken wings.

A tray of "Death Star Meatballs"

A plate of wings

For drinks, something creative and fun that you can do is to have a little bar cart/area with Star Wars-themed drinks like Yoda Soda and Blue Milk! You can find recipes for these drinks online or in Star Wars-themed cookbooks.

Yoda Soda & Bantha Milk

A themed drink table

Last but not least, a party is never complete without dessert.

It can be just as simple as Oreo or chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes. The fun thing about cupcakes is that you can add Star Wars toppers to give it a fun and personal little touch!

Cupcakes with Star Wars toppers


Pro-Tip: Something else you can do to add your own personal detailed touch to the tables and bar cart/area is to have name tags placed in front of each food. You can also get some fun recipes and inspiration for your party from books like the Star Wars Cookbook: Wookies Cookies.

May the Fourth themed party decorations


Aside from the food, there is nothing that brings a party to life like the decorations. There are so many ways to get creative and really make your home feel like a Galaxy Far Far Away! You can add signs to the doors and use collectibles, props, and toys to decorate the tables. Another idea is getting movie posters, frames, banners, and balloons to use as a background and having fun props to use for photos. For supplies such as table covers, plates, cups, balloons, etc. you can usually find them at places like Party City or Amazon. My advice would be to try and be as creative as possible and have fun in the process!

A tray of Millennium Cupcakes

Star Wars characters used as fun decor


You definitely can’t have a party without music so I highly recommend playing some popular Star Wars music such as their Main Theme as guests arrive and throughout the party along with the Cantina Band score when serving the themed drinks because it just makes the party even more fun!


A great way to entertain your guests and older kids is by playing games that they will enjoy. Some of the games that I highly recommend are Pictopia (Star Wars Edition)–a family-friendly trivia game–along with HedBanz or Heads Up because you can play them for however long you want to!

Fun party board games


Something that I always encourage is having your family and guests dress up as their favorite Star Wars character. Even if it’s just wearing your favorite shirt/outfit to the party that’s honestly the best way to celebrate!


Whether you want to invite some other family members and friends over or just have a more intimate party for you, your spouse, and your kids the choice is ultimately up to you! There is no right or wrong way to host a party. Just make sure it’s something that you feel comfortable with since it’s taking place in your home. Either way that you go about it just know that at the end of the day everyone will have had fun and enjoyed it which is what truly counts!

Wishing you and your family a Happy Star Wars Day and May the Fourth Be With You!!! 😊

A baby girl wearing a cute Yoda outfit

A little girl looking at framed Star Wars artwork

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Who else is excited for May the Fourth?! Let me know in the comments below!

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