DIY Landscaping: 5 Tips for Some Curb Appeal


Want to give your home a little curb appeal or maybe spruce it up a bit? Well, it’s easy to do so with some simple DIY landscaping tips that don’t require a professional! Get ready to head to your favorite or nearest nursery or big box store and get to work (but not too hard)!

1. Focus on your entryway’s curb appeal.

The front of your house is central to your curb appeal, and the door is the heart and opening to a home. A quick and easy way to make a landscaping upgrade is to place an eye-catching plant or plants at your door to bring green and life to it. Try something like a fiddle leaf fig, a bold cactus, or a fun topiary. Grab a statement pot that goes with the color scheme of your home or one that POPS for more fun. Head to TJ Maxx or HomeGoods for some great ones at a lower price.

Image: A couple sitting on the front step of a nicely landscaped entryway

2. Add some fresh mulch.

Have existing trees or landscaping that just needs a refresher? Nothing beats some fresh mulch and there’s no easier DIY! Grab some bags of mulch, now they come in red, black, brown, or natural light wood color. Placing these around existing trees, landscaping areas, or even mailboxes gives a clean, fresh look. The colored mulch can add to your curb appeal and make your area POP! You can also get the same effect with landscaping rocks. Rocks, as you can imagine, come in so many different shapes, sizes, and textures for every style you’re looking for!

3. Border edging cleans up your landscaping.

If you already have some established area of landscaping or trees, or after you add that fresh mulch, clean up the look by adding some border edging. This can be done by using brick edging, mini wood short fences, or stone or faux stones! They help to keep your mulch or decorative stones in and give a more uniform look. Depending on your style you can choose from all types of different edging.

Image: A nicely landscaped front walkway

4. Add some simple lighting.

Uplighting can really change your space and it doesn’t have to be expensive. If you have existing outlets in your yard, you can quickly level up the look and curb appeal by adding some quick lights. Some houses come with flood lights already built into the yard of the home while others have outlets that you can buy some landscape lights for or you can always opt for solar lights! Point these lights at your home, your existing trees, or your current landscape. This not only adds to the nighttime style, it provides some safety measures too.

5. Get a few new plants.

Head on over to your local nursery and pick up some statement plants to breathe new life into your landscaping! A couple of important things to know is that most plants will grow from the size that you get them at a nursery, so be mindful when planting to account for growth, both taller and wider. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can find shrubs/bushes or single plants like the Congos and foxtail ferns here. Try and choose something that will withstand your area, be it sunny or shady, and that will handle all of our Miami heat! If you need style ideas, don’t be afraid to look at Pinterest and ask the people that work at the nearby nurseries what they recommend!

Image: A woman watering plants

Bonus DIY landscaping curb appeal tip for the brave ones… plant a garden!

Did you know that in 2019, Florida adopted Statute 604.71 stating that vegetable gardens cannot be regulated on residential property? This means edible gardens are allowed in your front yard! That’s always an option for a beautiful and functional front yard! Check out my other post about starting your at-home garden.

So get started on your DIY landscaping to freshen up that curb appeal! Let me know what you plan to do!

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