A Boho Chic Ikea Playroom Not to Miss!


Fall is around the corner and if you are like me, you want to nest.  

And clean.  

And purge.  

And rearrange furniture.  

And take on at least one room in your house to update.  

Perhaps it’s because I am a designer or perhaps it’s because I have a shopping problem and am obsessed with Ikea for kids spaces.  Also, doesn’t the change of season bring on desired change?!  Yep, that’s what I tell my husband and nope, it doesn’t help my cause.  

Either way, you benefit because I have designed you all a boho chic Ikea playroom not to miss!

 Annnndddd, because I love you, I have given you all the links to the sources to help inspire you to tackle that playroom project you haven’t had time to do.  15 products for a total cost of $350!  Reason number 137 I love Ikea. 

Happy fall, happy decorating and happy + creative kids because of aforementioned new Ikea playroom 😉  


Ikea Playroom not to miss Miami Moms Blog Ann Ueno

Kallax white shelf // Bamboo boxes // Basket for toys // Art easel // Children’s table // Orange chairs // Natural multicolor rug // Faux fiddle leaf fig plant // Wall art posters // Black and white triangle pillow // Pink pillow // Black and white pillow // Yellow pillow // Small plant // Clock