De-Clutter Your Home With These 4 Simple Organization Tips


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Here’s the thing about “simple organization tips,” they’re often complicated. I have dealt with this myself and tried to push my mom through it, and several friends. Life takes over right? What we started we either never finish or are just too darn tired. And let’s be honest, we have enough on our plate trying to organize our back-to-school and work schedules.

I am a huge believer that when you de-clutter your home, you de-clutter your mind and life.

There are hundreds of blogs on organizing tips, in fact, some by our very own including these organization tips for busy moms. But for now, let me leave you with this simplified simple organization tip: PURGE (and donate).

Nothing feels better than truly paying it forward and believing that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” (Though personally, I wouldn’t call any of it trash, it’s just how the saying goes.)

It is true, Marie Kondo’s method is not for everyone, but her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up really is lifechanging. It’s one of those books you can’t unsee once you read even a few pages–it changes the way you see everything in your home and life. I’m fairly certain reading the book only reaffirmed what I already felt on a deeper level.

At the start of a new year, we have a sense of renewed hope but also have a life that picks back up with hectic schedules. So, nobody really wants to overcomplicate things. I believe that the root of organizing begins with removing. Removing that which no longer serves us (and may I suggest you do this with some individuals as well this new year).

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Before you begin organizing, just take it all in. Take a mental inventory of the things that have served their purpose. You’ll uncover clothes you don’t truly love, décor that no longer matches, and an untouched photo album. I’m quite certain you will find things that have outlived their purpose.


This is Marie Kondo’s mantra–and something I agree with her on. I ask myself this question over and over… ‘Does this thing make you happy?’ Perhaps it’s a top that every time you try on, you dislike how you look in it or that painting on the wall you just don’t care for. My answer: rip the band-aid, be cutthroat, it no longer sparks joy, GET RID OF IT!


How many photos do you have of a single moment? I’m guilty. I will have 30 photos on my camera roll of the same photo of our son. But there is truly only one that captured the smile, the glimmer in his eye, that one that I’d print. Keep that one on your phone and the rest can go onto a hard drive. Apply that to your everyday life.

Seriously, the junk drawer takes on a life of its own right? Doctor’s pens that somehow accumulate, that $1 bill you don’t know why you’re keeping, and some phone number on a post-it you’re sure you kept for a reason. Raise your hand if you have a spare key in a drawer and have no idea what it’s for. Let’s not even talk about the box with all the cables. After cleaning and organizing, I’d say we didn’t even have about 50% of the devices they belonged to.


Someone’s trash is another’s treasure. With apps and sites like Poshmark, you can re-purpose, sell or even trade items from your closet and home. I’ve made over $4,000 just selling some old items. If you feel you’d rather donate, there are several shelters that would gladly take things in to support others in need. If you ask, some even come pick it up from you. Finally, let’s be honest, there are just some things that have to hit the trash, like that coffee mug with the chip in it. LET IT GO.

Image: A mo organizing a room while her kids play

Now, take a deep breath. It’s 2023. How are you going to start off fresh? Share your tips on how you like to de-clutter and organize @MIAMIMOMCOLLECTIVE!

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