Miami Spa Month Feature: The Palms Hotel & Spa


Miami Moms Blog is teaming up with some of our favorite local spas to bring you the best that Miami has to offer and today we are thrilled to tell you about our partners, The Palms Hotel and Spa.

The Palms Hotel & Spa Miami Moms Blog Spa Month beach

Whoever thought it was a good idea to make Miami Spa Month carry into when the kids started school was pure genius! It’s time to treat yourself, Mama! You’ve got all that mid-day free time now. We suggest you spend some of it at The Palms Hotel AVEDA Spa. 

Tropical Oasis: The Palms Hotel & Spa

The Palms Hotel & Spa Miami Moms Blog Spa Month Essensia Miami Spice MonthMy friend Elena and I managed to sneak away from our kids for a few hours (thanks to the Abuelas!) to visit The Palms Spa. This hotel is a spectacular tropical oasis located in the heart of Miami Beach. The lobby itself is a retreat. However, the real escape is the award-winning AVEDA Spa located on the lower level lobby. I suggest arriving at least an hour early to treat yourself to a farm-to-table style lunch on the Carribean-inspired patio at their Essensia Restaurant

From the moment you walk in The Spa you feel a warm sense of relaxation. You are greeted by their hospitable team with a cup of fruit water and instantly you are ready to destress. Once we checked in, we went straight to the locker rooms to change into our comfy robes and slippers (which they also sell). We had a few minutes until our scheduled appointments so we entered the Relaxation Room. Imagine being greeted by the sounds of the outdoor waterfall and beautiful natural light. 

The Palms Hotel & Spa Miami Moms Blog Spa Month Relaxation Room

I had just enough waiting time to scour the latest People Magazine (my guilty pleasure whenever I treat myself to these experiences – who has time to read magazines these days?). We were then escorted to our secluded treatment rooms for our treatments.

AVEDA Aroma Massage vs. Prenatal Massage 

 My friend enjoyed a personalized wellness AVEDA Aroma Massage. I opted for the Prenatal Massage. I have to admit, with my first pregnancy, I was hesitant to get massages because I feared it would be uncomfortable or feel like a waste of money. WRONG. Wow, after my Prenatal Massage with Michelle I wanted to sign up for a weekly session. It was extremely relaxing. She insured that I was comfortable the entire time. (You know, it’s not always easy to feel comfortable when you’re almost 30 weeks pregnant!)

The Palms Hotel & Spa Miami Moms Blog Spa Month Relaxation RoomElena chose her preferred essential oil for her (and I quote) “outstanding” Aroma Massage. She told me that she was so relaxed that the therapist asked her several questions and she couldn’t even respond. She is a mother of twin 5 year old boys. The quietness was heaven for her as you can imagine!

The peaceful, quiet environment allowed us both to rest and relax. We were truly able to detach and soak in the AVEDA products (which smell divine) for those 50 quiet minutes.

After our treatments we detoxified in the steam room while plotting how we could come back as soon as possible. We ended the afternoon with a cup of tea and showers in their beautiful, full-amenity-stocked locker rooms. I even purchased some AVEDA Mint Shampoo to take home as a “souvenir” of sorts. I knew that even a quiet shower at home with that aroma would be enough to relax me and “take me back” to The Palms Spa. 

We left the tropical oasis feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

We look forward to going back to try a treatment at their Spa Tiki CabaThe Palms Hotel & Spa Miami Moms Blog Spa Month Poolnas located by the beach.  

{My birthday is coming: hint, hint Honey!}

It’s important to note that locals who book a spa package also receive all-day access to the pool and beach areas as well as the fitness rooms and discounted valet parking. We wish we had known this in advance because we didn’t bring our swimsuits. Next time!

One of the kind Managers, Tanja, who personally greeted us after our treatments, informed us about  Zen Days at The Palms. Zen Days are every Sunday at 10AM. The Zen Day package includes: a Yoga class, a 3 course brunch, full access to the pool and beach with a lounge chair and 20% off at The Palms AVEDA Spa! Run, don’t walk to The Palms Hotel & Spa next Sunday!  

Miami Spa Month is a great opportunity to take advantage of the specials offered by The Palms Hotel & Spa. Check out their Spa Specials and book your Mom-cation as soon as possible!