Meet the Mother Daughter Design Duo Behind Plume

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Suzy & Magita, Owners of Plume

Meet Suzy and her mother Magita, the design duo behind the popular luxury home decor boutique in Coral Gables called, Plume. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Suzy – Mom to Mom – and hear the story of Plume and her heart behind the beautiful brand she’s built.   

Mom & Entrepreneur 

Suzy is an entrepreneur, business owner and self-proclaimed “Girl Mom” to twin 4 year olds and a 6 month old. Her days are filled with embracing all that comes with a house full of girls: dress up, princess paraphernalia, ballet, swimming, and cooking. Fancy Nancy reigns in her household where her renaissance 4 year olds are learning and adapting to their roles as “big sister.” Probably sounds a lot like your life some days (unless you’re a “Boy Mom” then maybe Sponge Bob reigns in your house?!). 

Meet the Mother Daughter Design Duo behind Plume Miami moms blog

While being a mom is what Suzy calls, “her most important job,” she admits she knows it’s, “not the only things that my kids need from me.” Owning a business has given her the reason to drive herself and prioritize things in her life. She loves giving her daughters an example of hard work. Juggling business and motherhood has challenged her to be more flexible and gracious with herself while continuing to push herself to do her best. Suzy adds, “I feel that my daughters need to realize that life is about balance. They need to realize I am not Superwoman but I can do all of these things for my kids and still be a good mom. Not everyday is going to be perfect!” 

When asked how being a Mom has shaped her as a business woman Suzy shared, “Now that I am a mom I have no problem talking to every stranger I meet. I sympathize with more people now as a parent.” When clients come in and tell her about their families Suzy finds real joy in the interactions that allow her to go beyond a business relationship. Plume is indeed a luxury home design store, but it’s also a piece of home to Suzy and she wants everyone to feel comfortable and at home when they enter the doors.  

How Plume Began 

Suzy is a native Miamian who, after a short stint in Massachusetts, returned home to South Florida to work in the TV industry. She married her husband Gus who is also an entrepreneur and then began working as a Marketing and Design Assistant with her Mom, who at the time owned Magita Designs, a full service design firm.
Meet the Mother Daughter Design Duo behind Plume Miami moms blog
Accessories at Plume

The two were an instant pair and after working together on many large projects they soon noticed a void in the design market in Miami. They found it difficult to source high end accessories locally. Realizing that they could fulfill a need not only for local designers but also for individuals who wanted to accessorize their homes, they began to focus on the local community and hone in the vision of their business. In 2015 they created a business plan, researched existing trends in Miami and then traveled around the world to source their favorite and most unique products. Plume was born!

Suzy recalls the steep learning curve of those early days as they ventured into retail. “We had never done retail! Where do we get a space? How do we get a space?” These questions were answered as they literally walked through town in search of the perfect space. Suzy and Magita settled on a quaint and beautiful spot on Andalusia Avenue, just one block from the iconic Miracle Mile. Their motivation for choosing Coral Gables as their location was to bring the high-end shopping experience to the people in Coral Gables. They envisioned being able to shop for quality design products for your home without traveling to the Design District. 

Family & Business

So, what is it like working with your Mom everyday? Susy says, “I love getting to do this with her! She understands how difficult it is to be needed by my family. I never feel like I’m letting my boss down, or letting my husband down. I love that my girls get to see us working together too. I was raised with my grandparents around and now my girls get to experience that too. It’s true, ‘It takes a village’ and I am so lucky I have an amazing village!”
Plume was born out of Suzy joining her passions and her purpose. While design is not her background by trade, it is evident that it has been her passion for many years. As the daughter of an Interior Designer and a Builder, she grew up in an environment where everything revolved around making things beautiful. Suzy enjoys learning design trends and helping others understand that you can make your house beautiful without changing everything and spending a lot of money. Suzy suggests subtle changes that can make a big impact such as updating pillows, lamps, accessories or even wallpaper – some of Plume’s most popular items.
Meet the Mother Daughter Design Duo behind Plume Miami moms blog

Mom’s Night Out at Plume 

Plume recently celebrated 2 years of business in Coral Gables. Miami Moms Blog is joining the celebration by partnering with them for our next Mom’s Night Out Event!
Join us Thursday, October 25th from 5-8PM and come meet Suzy and Magita! Enjoy bites, drinks, free products from local brands and great giveaways all while shopping the gorgeous collection at Plume. Guests of the event will also meet Elaine Cuervo, owner of Sunset Drugs, who will be sharing the newest India Hicks line. Spanish Designer, Maria D’Ocon of Atelier D’Ocon will also be featuring her handmade communion dresses. It will be a fun, lively night meeting new friends. Don’t miss out, grab your friends and get your tickets today!
Purchase your Mom’s Night Out Tickets HERE. 
Visit Plume at 218 Andalusia Avenue, Coral Gables // // 786-534-9293
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