Movie Night at Home: How to Take It up a Notch


Here are some ways to take your at-home movie night up a notch. With countless entertainment venues still closed, it’s time to get creative and put a fun twist on at-home activities like movie night. It’s easy and fun! Just pick a movie and create an experience around the movie’s theme. You can also change up where in your home you see the movie.


Whether you’re renting a new release or enjoying an old favorite, create a snack board inspired by the movie! For Trolls 2, I used bright colored candy, popcorn, Trolls Oreos, and cotton candy emulating Trolls’ hair. The kids would’ve had fun anyway, but letting them dig into all those bright-colored treats made it extra special. For some extra fun, add props!

Movie Night at Home: How to Take It up a Notch Becky Salgado Contributor Miami Mom Collective

Movie Night at Home: How to Take It up a Notch Becky Salgado Contributor Miami Mom Collective

We love The Sandlot at our house and nothing screams Sandlot like some good ol’ s’mores. To make the snacks a little more interesting I added different chocolate options like Hershey’s and Nutella. I also included different size marshmallows and graham crackers, including kid-sized Teddy Grahams.

Movie Night at Home: How to Take It up a Notch Becky Salgado Contributor Miami Mom CollectiveBecky Salgado Contributor Miami Mom Collective

Are your kids Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans? Create a pizza-filled board! I used pizza-flavored Combos, Bagel Bites and pizza slices.

Becky Salgado Contributor Miami Mom CollectiveA few more movie + snack combinations to get you inspired:

  • The Lion King: animal crackers, gummy worms (slimy yet satisfying)
  • Beauty and the Beast: place a red rose in the center and surround it with yellow snacks (think popcorn, jelly beans, chips, etc.)
  • E.T.: a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup board featuring different Reese’s variations
  • The Princess and the Frog: beignets (Disney shared their recipe here) and gummy frogs
  • Dumbo: Circus Animal Crackers, Nutter Butter Cookies (or actual peanuts), and popcorn 
  • Frozen I and II: frost cookies and top with blue or white sugar sprinkles (they sparkle, representing the “ice”), marshmallows and blue m&ms
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: chocolate gold coins, candy bracelets and necklaces, popcorn and candy skulls (which may be available with Halloween coming up)


How else can you take your at-home movie night up a notch? Take it outside! There’s nothing wrong with a relaxing movie night on the couch, but if you’re looking to make it extra special for the kids here are a few ideas. If you’ve got a projector and a blank wall or screen, enjoy movie night outdoors!

If you’ve got older kids and a pool, watch the 1975 classic Jaws! The seating? Pool floats inside the pool. If you’ve got little ones, let them sit on a boogie board or pool float outside the water and watch Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid, or some other ocean-themed film.

Make it a drive-in! Let your kids sit in their battery-powered cars and enjoy a “drive-in” movie. No cars? No problem! You can have some fun pre-movie craft time and make some out of boxes (check out a great tutorial here). 

Becky Salgado Contributor Miami Mom Collective
photo by @justaddconfetti


If you don’t have a projector or the weather doesn’t permit being outdoors, have some fun in your living room. Throw some pillows or a mattress on the living room floor and build a fort in front of the t.v. Even watching a movie and having a slumber party in Mom and Dad’s room will be break from the routine and be fun for your little ones!

For more kid-friendly fun, enjoy making these desserts and check out these activities! I’d also love to know, what’s your favorite film for a family movie night? Share it in the comments!


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