Home Fire Sprinkler Week :: Is YOUR Home Safe?

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Did you know that May 19-25 is Home Fire Sprinkler Week?

It’s true! Also, I bet you didn’t know that according to the NFPA® approximately 80 percent of all U.S. fire deaths occur in the home. It’s interesting that the place where you would think you are the safest from a fire is actually where you may be most vulnerable. 

Miami Moms Blog National Home Fire Sprinkler Week :: Is YOUR Home Safe?
Photo Credit: Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition

Because of how homes are constructed today a house fire is much more detrimental than it would have been even 2 decades ago. Newer homes are made out of materials that can burn quickly in a fire. Most homes have furniture made from synthetic material. This material is easily consumed in a fire. The popular “open concept” floor plans in today’s homes also put families at risk for fires spreading rapidly. Imagine having 2 minutes or less to escape your home during a fire!

Miami Moms Blog Is YOUR Home Safe?
Photo Credit: Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition

Why Install In-Home Sprinklers?

As mothers, we constantly think about how to keep our families safe. I’m sure we all have smoke detectors in our homes. But have you ever considered installing a home fire sprinkler? Sprinklers can make a life-saving difference in the event of a fire. They can be installed in new or existing homes. Smoke alarms only alert you to a fire in the home. A sprinkler can drastically decrease the heat, flames, and smoke that come with a fire in the home. 

Your family’s chance of surviving a home fire increases by 85 percent when sprinklers are present. They also reduce damage to your home as a whole. Research shows that reported home fires were kept to one room 97 percent of the time when sprinklers were present. That’s an important statistic! Concerned about the costs associated with installation? Installing a residential fire sprinkler system typically costs less than granite countertops! 

Why install them? The better question is, why not?

Photo Credit: Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition

3 Common Myths Dispelled

Sprinklers can save lives and reduce property damage. However, there are still some common misconceptions. Let’s dispel 3 myths. 

MYTH 1: “When a fire occurs, every sprinkler will activate. Everything in the house will be ruined.”

FACT: In the event of a fire in a house, typically only the sprinkler closest to the fire activates. As a result, the rest of the home is untouched. Only one sprinkler is activated in roughly 89 percent of fires. 

MYTH: “Sprinklers are unattractive and won’t look great.”

FACT: New models can be mounted flush against walls, ceilings, and hidden behind decorative covers. 

Miami Moms Blog National Home Fire Sprinkler Week :: Is YOUR Home Safe?
Photo Credit: Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition

MYTH: “The water damage caused by sprinklers will be more extensive than fire damage.”

FACT: Water damage of any kind will be much less severe than damage caused by the water from firefighting hose lines. For example, fire departments use up to 10 times as much water to put out a fire as fire sprinklers would use to do the same job. 

So, moms, we encourage you to do your research and consider adding this important life-saving tool to your home. 

For more information about how sprinklers work and are installed, visit The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition website.  You can also join the Florida Fire Sprinkler Coalition, Fire Sprinkler Initiative®, a project of NFPA®, and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition® (HFSC) for Home Fire Sprinkler Week™ from May 19-25. Additionally, live burn demonstrations will be conducted across the state and you can find a local event near you here.

Miami Moms Blog National Home Fire Sprinkler Week :: Is YOUR Home Safe?

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