A New Interior Design Solution That ALL Moms Need (and it’s less than $20!)


First things first – did you hear that two Miami moms (ahem, one is me and the other is the amazing Meghan Grimbert) launched a new interior design brand called Miami Living Co?  You guys.  After 16 years in corporate America I officially launched my design business AND my design partner, Meghan, and I decided it was time for a design collaboration, women led and owned.  Designs that are different.  Two creative minds is better than one.  Running a business well.  Authenticity and transparency with our clients.  Two moms that want to take interiors to the next level.  

Enter: Miami Living Co.

The fun doesn’t stop there.

We have a combined 14 years of design experience in both residential and commercial projects.  We see the 45 million pieces of content you get.  We see the services offered.  Swipe up!  Like to know!  Comment, engage, tell a friend, ask a friend, do a dance!  Don’t get us wrong, we love social media.  But trying to remember which influencer shared what or what day you screen-grabbed that product you liked or where in your email is that feature on how to choose the right white paint color…yeah, that’s overwhelming.

So we decided to create a digital library that equips you, is always easy to find, and helps solve various design challenges from styling to space planning to sourcing to savoring each room, one at at time.  

Ladies and gents, we bring you: The Design Dossier.

The Design Dossier is a collection of digital designs and design tools accessible to you on MLC any time you want.  Some will have a nominal fee associated ($39 or less), and some will be free (and for launch it’s only $19!).  This new resource was based on client and consumer feedback. It is made to equip and empower you to design your home, style your rooms and give you an elevated space.  We know not everyone can afford a designer, not everyone has time to hire a designer, some of you are amazing at design but just need a little guidance and there is a LOT of content out there today.  

Today you are getting the first look at our first design file in our dossier:  Kitchen Styling for the Modern Kitchen.

What to expect from this issue?  Here is a sneak peek AND spoiler alert, most of these items are $15-$20 range.  YES!

modern kitchen styling


With our digital download design product, you get:

  1. A curated mockup of kitchen products, most from Amazon and Target, making this very attainable for everyone!
  2. Every single source with a price for each.  Perhaps you don’t need a full kitchen styling makeover, but you love a few products…great!  You can buy – or not buy – anything you want.  And here’s the thing – we are not receiving a commission on your purchases.  None.  These are actual products we love and recommend and believe will help elevate your kitchen, just in time for the holidays.
  3. 3-5 simple and easy “How-To Tips” to style your kitchen.  We know you don’t have a lot of time so we pushed hard to make this approachable AND beautiful.
  4. Last, we shared some of our favorite kitchen styling looks to help inspire you.

You get ALL of this for $19.  NINETEEN DOLLARS.  Just visit MLC and purchase this digital download, save it to your computer and DONE.  You have this forever, saved exactly where you will remember and can reference next week, next month, heck even next year!

Holidays are coming and this is a perfect solution to help elevate your kitchen!  We are so passionate about design and making homes better, bringing a bit more joy with each project.


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A midwest gal raised in a farm town, eventually making her way to Chicago, NYC and back to Chicago, Ann has called Miami home for the last 4 years. She has spent 16 years in the hotel industry in digital marketing, currently Vice President at BCV Social (it's no secret that travel is a deep passion for her!). Simultaneously, Ann has pursued one of her dreams of becoming an Interior Designer by opening up her own firm, Ann Ueno Interior Design. She has been married to Rick for almost 8 years, step-mom to Zach and mom to Zoey and the adventure of motherhood continues to be one of God's greatest blessings in Ann's life! Ann serves and leads at Vous Church in Wynwood. She loves working out, writing, leading her Bible study and cooking. Her grandmother, mom and Julia Child are women who have inspired and shaped her life and she hopes through her own life and stories she will say, she can inspire and shape yours.


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