Simplify & Refresh: Tips to Free Yourself From the Clutter


Ever Feel Like You’re Overwhelmed & Like Everything is Everywhere?

I don’t know about you but January 1 I decided to take control of my home and the chaos. We have lived in the same home for over 14 years. With that comes clutter: projects, photos, baseball stuff, luggage, and too many clothes. One thing leads to another and you have all this stuff. It feels super overwhelming and stifling! You know the feeling moms?

I decided to take control of it. First, I made a list of every area in my house that was bothering me.

Then I started with the area that bothered me the most.

For me, it was my office area, shed, kitchen and cabinets, our master bathroom and my closet.

I couldn’t do it all at once just because of the time with running two businesses and being a mom of three active kids. I did take three days where I just tried to do as much as I could. But then after that, I had to go back to mom life and being a GIRL BOSS. So I worked on it here and there, every chance I could. So I would work on it an hour here and an hour there.

I literally had three piles with everything:


I would ask myself, “Have I been looking for this, does it have meaning, etc.?” It’s hard because we can get emotional over things especially when it comes to our kids’ artwork or something special that we’ve collected through the years. However, at the end of the day if you have not been looking for it or using it… you really don’t need it and it’s just taking up space in your home and in your life.

The feeling I felt after doing this was freeing.

Clutter just really weighs us down and now that I’m 40 I have gotten to a place where I just want to simplify and just focus on the things that mean the most to me… my family, work, and the things we absolutely need and use.

So here are some tips to simplify and FREE yourself from the clutter:

  1. Make a list of every area in your home that is bothering you starting with the one that bothers you the most to the least.
  2. Decide whether you’re going to take three days to just MARIE KONDO your home or if you could just take an hour a day over the next two weeks. You have to make a decision!
  3. Get a few clear acrylic bins, and plastic organizers to motivate you to organize the space.
  4. Put on some good music and get your favorite drink and work away! Get some trash bags, two boxes (one to donate and one that’s a question mark). Once you get going it is kind of addicting!
  5. Ask yourself the question, “Have I been looking for this or used it over the past six months?” And if not get rid of it. 
  6. One of the biggest things for moms is collecting artwork and special things that your kids have done throughout the years. What I did was I downloaded the art app called (ARTKIVE). I just kept one bin for each child and then took pictures of the things that were important and download them into the file on the app. This made me feel better that I wasn’t just throwing it away.
  7. To keep up the organization if you buy something new: remember to take some things out of the closet. So if you buy two pairs of shoes, go in and take two pairs of shoes out to give away or to throw away so that you keep the space de-cluttered.
  8. I suggest you do one full overhaul cleanout in the summer and one in the new year and that will keep the space clean.

Before & Afters

Simplify & Refresh: Tips to Free Yourself From the Clutter Dacia Wiegandt Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Before & After Kitchen Dacia Wiegandt Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Simplify & Refresh: Tips to Free Yourself From the Clutter Dacia Wiegandt Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Before & After Closet Dacia Wiegandt Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Comment below what your thoughts are. Have you ever taken the time to do this for your home or do you need to? Hope that this was inspirational and motivating to clean out the clutter from your spaces.

Love, Dacia